Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


3. The Fallen One


    12 angels,36 demons, and 236 humans that is the amount that Al has slaughter led in the last month traveling to London. Al standing in front of a warehouse near the harbor he licks his lips in anticipation. Emilia is standing behind him laughing " Al why haven't you started the fun? Too scared to meet your dear mum?" Al smiles grabbing his demonized sword before speaking. "No not scared just a bit excited, plus the delicious smell in there is so breath taking."

    Al kicks the door in crushing several human workers into a massive blood stain. rushing in at speeds that human eyes are unable to read, Al dissembles the remaining humans in a series of precise slashes. Arching his head back in the middle of 30 men he laughs as blood rains from their wounds, in his head he hears the sick symphony of screams in his head. in his head he can hear them, the souls of those he kills, the cries of the weak as he cuts them down, he hears the laughter of the evil that resides in him. " Angels will fall and demons can rise... but what will I do when its my time?" Al mutters under his breath. the blonde thrill junkie chimes "That's easy Al you'll join me in Hell where ill take the pleasure of torturing you for all of eternity!" she says with a Cheshire cat grin. Al hearing this grins in a crazy fashion as he slowly walks toward Emilia. "My dear sweet Emilia we'll see who tortures who in due time.... but just know that time is still a long way from now." He whispers as he passes her moving on to the second floor of the warehouse.

    As he kicks down each door to each room in the upper level, killing each human life with no remorse or feeling. there's no thrill in these kills, everyone of these human's souls taste like trash, their pathetic lives are meaningless. Then he hears them on the roof the creatures he came for, running up the nearest wall he slashes at the ceiling jumping straight to the roof, with Emilia following right behind.

    Al breathes in deep taking in the heavenly scent he looks above to see 3 angels in their prime, and one seems to be the arch Angel Uriel. Emilia steps forward blocking Al before talking to the angel Uriel. "Uri ! its been a long time, hows the big man doing?" Uriel replying back with a face of pure disgust. " We are here in the name of God to Destroy the unholy creature behind you fallen angel Emil. Now if you wish to resume your pathetic unholy life i suggest you move." Uriel flying in at extremely fast speeds dives for Al. Emilia's black gloved hands turn into sharp black claws. turning into her demon form she simply replies " Looks like i need to get serious."

      The battle was Immense as Uriel slashed his sword, Emilia catches the sword then emitting a dark aura so strong it nearly blasts Al off. She pushes the sword aside slashing at his chest then using the roof she kicks up and sinks her claws into Uriel's shoulders. Uriel head butts Emilia to let go he slashes sending a current of holy light at her causing black blood pour from her shoulder. Uriel breathing hard from the loss of blood looks down at his wounds to see golden blood gush out. He flies to the sky he's going to use the sun light to heal his wounds, but he has to get past the clouds. Emilia laughing sends of an energy wave allowing for two jet black crow wings to grow out, she takes flight chasing after Uriel. "Run away little birdie Uri because this hungry pussy cat is coming for you!" Uriel curses and picks up speed, Emilia launches black orbs of negative energy trying to hit Uriel. Uriel dodges the first one allowing it to hit the clouds, the cloud then shouts out black lightning hitting Uriel from the front, Emilia's other black orbs strike him in the back right at the base of his wings. Uriel cries out in pain falling back toward the ground, he aims for Emilia grabbing her he rips off her wings choking her towards the ground. Using her as a cushion he slams her into the concert ground next to the ware house."Ahhhhhh you piece of Trash!" She screams out as they hit the ground. Uriel slowly gets up covered in golden and black blood he lifts Emilia by the neck about to finish the kill when he hears. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, your subordinates tasted quite delicious I wonder how an Arch Angel tastes?" Uriel looks over to see Al standing with Lucifer extended and a grin that reeks of insanity.

     Uriel drops Emilia to pick up his sword, then lifts it to Lucifer and charges. "Boy even in this weakened state i can kick your unholy ass to the depths of Hell !" Al laughing slashes knocking Uriel's sword to the side then duck he rotates and slashes up sending a wave of golden blood bursting down. He then flips and cuts into Uriel's shoulder right where Emilia had clawed earlier. Uriel despite the immense pain coursing through him thrusts up slicing a pat of Al's stomach, then flicks his wrist and slashes upward cutting off Al's other arm. Al lands falling to his knee and gripping on to his demonic sword for support he starts to laugh. It starts to happen the darkness leaks out of him like black tentacles, his eyes red with pure evil, and his smile is just like the demon that cut down his family. With this new surge of power Al charges forward slicing at extreme speeds, seeming to come from all angles he cuts away piece by piece at Uriel, all while letting out a long stream of laughter that would put insane asylum patients to shame. "Come on my little toy play with me some more....." Biting into Uriel's shoulder eating the divine meat he laughs as his arm grows back from darkness. Al picks up Uriel with singing in a sad sing song voice."Awwwww look at my poor toy he's broken, maybe if I get rid of it mum will be happy. Lifting Uriel up Al widens his mouth to inhuman portions sliding the broken angel into his mouth. Swallowing the divine creature Al licks his lips as he enters a world of pure insanity. He has opened a portal to the forbidden realm in Hell, the abyss of Insanity.

    Emilia slowly opens her eyes, only to see what is going on around her. She sees Al eat an Arch angel.... then as he bursts out laughing a portal of pure darkness opens up in front of him sucking him into the vacuum of the abyss. As Emilia tries to get up to save her play thing she collapses from the strain on her wounded body. This is the worst she  has felt since she as the Ex angel Emil fell to the earth with Satan the banished one. As Emilia blacks out one thought that she never thought would ever cross her mind came to her....."Looks like I need to finally return home."

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