Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


5. The Dreams

( inside Al's cocoon)

    Every inch if Al's mind is a nightmare a dream something that haunts all of his very being. First it's the memories of his family.

     Al is a small child his baby brother was just born in a field of jasmines, the enchanting fragrance follows him through his dreams. The memory as clear as day to him. He can feel the wind blow gently across his face and the sun gently kisses his face. Al laughing jumping through the fields catching the roaming butterflies. His dad carries his mum and their new baby into the house, his father appears to be uneasy. His other with not a care in the world looking incredible considering she just gave birth. He can here them shouting inside, his little brother crying, Al rushes to the door. Banging his small fists on the wooden door he shouts to his arguing family. The there's a loud crash in the house,shouting stops and Al bangs harder and the wooden door until blood is drawn from his delicate hands. Finally his mother open the doors holding his baby brother and smiling like the world is perfect, At the sight of his bleeding hands she rushes him in bandaging his small hands. The last thing young Al sees is his father's frightened face, as he drifts into a deeper sleep.

   Next time Al wakes he's falling his wings are tattered and a very bright place is very far away. A place with golden gates and beauty. She's falling with a being she used to respect but now she holds nothing but hate for him, hate??? That's a new feeling or at least it is now. Al remembers working all over the galaxy, nullifying stars and watching the creation of man. Then because of one angel, we all fall to curse humans for all eternity.

   Now the scene changes Al is standing over, an older male crushing the skull of a younger man. The one killing is named Cain, the other is named Abel. This is something new I think it's called sin. Finally a bright light and booming Voice appears. Putting a curse upon Cain, before leaving Al feels a dark energy enter him. This is called Murder and the energy is called sin. So now Al is no longer an angel but instead a demon. All he can feel is Hate now, hate for himself, hate for his God, hate for the Banished One Satan, hate for the humans, and now he must use his hate as a weapon. Its his job as a demon to bring as many filthy humans to damnation before judgement day. He knows he will burn and surfer in hell one day, eventually he will be erased but until that time he will bring thousands down with him. Now Al is the very concept of murder of death itself, Al is now sin in its finest.

       The next shift is much more dramatic. Al is now a young Greek boy whose father is the greatest blacksmith in the world. For eons the "gods" have ruled over them in fear. Now his father can help the land but requires a sacrifice, Al is that sacrifice he is one of innocent blood. So in the middle of the night his father takes him, then dipping his son in a mixture of angel and demon blood he cries. Taking up his obsidian knife the father slices into his son spilling his blood and guts open into the unholy concoction. Al now sees his father toiling away hammering an ebony blade that has one thousand blessings and curses. with each hammer sparks fly in a dark symphony of screams. Next the mighty smith kindles the blade in the flames of a dragon from hell, after the blade is at its hottest he dips it into the evil concoction. The pain that coarsens through Al is like having every single organ explode while those pieces are burned. Then double that pain each time his father repeats every step taken before, his father repeating every step one thousand times. Al is conscious the whole time unable to numb the pain, instead each time he cries out but no one can hear him.

     When Al next wakes he realizes that he's no longer a boy, no he's now the legendary sword Lucifer. His wielder is now what he used to call father. No now Al has a tail, no now he sees things differently from the eyes of a weapon with no control of his actions. As a sword his only company are the demons, angels, and souls of those he devours. Its a very lonely existence with the only voice being one of insanity. Yes It talks to him the being known as the abyss comforts and talks to him. Yes Insanity numbs the pain, erases the torture, with this new found feeling Al becomes the second hell torturing his fellow inhabitants for power. With Insanity as his only friend Al is no longer that innocent little boy, no now he a child of insanity. 

   The dreams hurt these three beings living in Al is torture worse than hell. Then it happens a warm embrace wraps around Al waking him. He turns to see Emilia embracing his sickly form with love. she whispers to him, "My love don't fret I will return one day but until that day think of me.  Live get your sweet revenge and become the very best rising above all. Until we meet again relax and live my love." with those words the darkness receded and Al awoke bursting my his dark cocoon filled with power and hatred like no other. Al is now the demon of Insanity the right hand of Satan himself.


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