Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


6. Insanity is Born

(One year later the dark cocoon breaks open)


      Al emerges from his metamorphic prison naked from head to toe, with an entire legion of Demons bowing at his feet. With a clap of Satan's hands a dark robe is brought forth to cover the new born demon. At either side are 10 demons with extraordinary demonic power each with a different appearance and sin. With a steady building laughter Al rises to his feet feeling a new, his body oozing with new found power, his hair matted down and messy with new found horns sprouting out of his head he stands in front of the Legion staring them down with so much pure hatred it shakes their very souls to the core. Each demon shouts out a cry of celebration for a new powerful brother is born today and his name is Insanity. With a wave of the Dark Lord's hand the celebration begins signalling a new era in demon history.

(Hell's Ball room)

    Al was now dressed in black trousers and a blackish robe that seemed to be made from shadows themselves. He stood in front of the feast emotionless as Satan toasted to his birth. Demons chattered about useless things gossip, but to Al only one thought fills his mind. "What am I doing here?"

    Finally Lust wearing a black dress that screamed slut approaches Al. Her hips talking a symphony of profane thoughts as she approached the new king of Madness with Vulgar appearance. Her hair black she whispers to him like silk, "Hey there big boy why don't you take trip for some excellent sins with me?" Her fingers gently grazing Al's new body. Al grabbing her hand laughs " If you want me to enter your brazzer you need to do better than that old sinner. I'm more wild than a raccoon on coke and you're not for dinner." Taken aback Lust replies back with, " what the hell are you saying our new commander are you ok?" trying to brush off the remarks with a subtle laugh she tries to walk away. Al quickly grabbing her arm forces her into a waltz guiding her to the dance floor. "My dear sweet witch if I was truly OK I would still have all my marbles in my brain. But alas you slithering bitch I"m the demon who's now Insane. I'm battier than a belfry and with no more mind I'm finally free." Lust totally shocked tries to pull away but is stopped by Al's overbearing strength. " Let me go you terrible brute I no longer have an interest in you, Fuck now you have me rhyming as well you horrid demon go to Hell." With a sickening grin plastered on his face he answers her cry," But dear Lust you came to seeking power did you not? And power to destroy hell is what I got.  I can destroy the laws of the world, but with you by my side I'm going to hurl.Now if so kindly have the chance, call ole Satan for a dance." Twirling Lust in a terribly fast dance he launches her to the Devils throne making her land on his lap. The angel who was once known as Lucifer stands up pimp smacking Lust he slowly walks to the dance floor. all demons eyes on the two.

         "Once upon a time you were a lowly human and now thanks to your brilliant quest for revenge you rival me. But now you're crazier than a jester high on crack and so my dear boy its time to smack you back." Al starts to sing, "If you're wondering why everyone is rhyming like a boss it's because Al's insane power forces this kind of talk. Moving forward Al swings with his fist, connecting with Satan's face echoing a *Swish*. Grabbing Lucifer out of it's sheath lets Him and Satan meet. The dear old devil having none of that replies to Al's invite with a smack. Both meet each other with a high kick but Al cuts the Dark prince with a flick of the wrist. Laughing his crazy insane laugh drenching in demon blood he takes a bath. Satan backing away holds his hands up in peace, because no longer does he want sword to eat."Letting Satan's wounds heal the dark prince backs up. "Wait Al know where to find your mother just back up and I'll tell ya."

             Sheathing his sword Al beckons with a grin because answers to his problems finally come in. So now ends the demons ball of Glory because the birth of Insanity is Dark and Gory. Satan cries out in shout, "Lets head to the Vatican for her whereabouts." 

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