Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


2. Inner Demons

(2 years later) Mt Olympus

    "You've killed numerous people in the name of revenge, what makes you think that this old angel is going to help you?" The demon Emilia taunts at Aliezien. "Al I hope you remember that angels hate sin, and guess what you seem to be an embodiment of sin now?"

    Al as she likes to call him continues to climb the mountain of the gods hoping to find the answer he is searching for. "Emilia stop complaining of you don't seem to remember I'm carrying you up the mountain, and if I die you get my soul early anyways." He tells her in a dark voice one that resonates with sorrow.

    The demon clinging onto his back chimes in again. "Yeah that would be lovely, but then the fun would end and I don't want that just yet..... By the way are you sure your source was trustworthy? I mean you're almost to the top and I still don't see anyone." Al says in a slightly annoyed voice "one more word out of you and I'm throwing you off this mountain. We're just about there.

    As the two misfits look around the top of the mountain they walk through some weird mist. The mist was dry and felt more like powder, it was so thick that you couldn't see past your own nose. As they marched on they grew more and more agitated. "Where the hell are we Al, a this mist is pissing me off!" Al is frustrated to the point of wanting to kill Emilia when he realizes that was the trick. He stops Emilia in her tracks to stop and calm down. "Al why the hell are we stopping?" Al pauses for a moment before answering "We need to get rid of this mist, that's the test." He looks all around the ground until he stops at one particular spot and asks "What's the max on the power you can give me in one punch?"

    Emilia grunts replying "Enough to destroy a two story house, that's the current level you're at. Why?" Al takes off his black British style trench coat and rolls up his sleeves, showing his toned 14 year old muscles." Perfect just the amount we needed." Then raises his fists and slamming it into the ground at full force creating a ripple through the air clearing the mist away.

    Revealing a rather large Greek style temple and an old man siting with legs crossed at its entrance. The old man opens his eyes revealing his golden pupils, he' claps his hands and shouts "Yes!You passed the test!"

    "What the Hell?" Emilia says puzzled by the sudden appearance of the old man. "Who the hell are you?"

    The old man pauses for seems like an eternity before rising, sounding off a symphony of bones creaking with first use. With one hand behind his back and the other hand pointing towards Al he states. "Congratulations Aliezien Shapiro for making it this far, I know what it is you seek."

    "Do you now?" Al asks in a sarcastic voice. "What is it old man? What is the thing that I seek?" Raising an eyebrow in the stranger's direction.

    The old man slowly step by step approaches Al until he is face to face, then whispers...." I am Herniate Zeus, half son of the angel Zeus, and other half son of the Family Devouring Witch. It seems we both have something in common, Eh Al?" He then turns around, only to walks toward the temple until he reaches a giant doorway clouded by shadow. The ancient man named Herniate gestures towards the path and says "What you seek brother is inside, you alone may enter to retrieve it. But be warned the power you seek is a dangerous one. For you choose to walk a path riddled with pain and darkness."

    As Al walks towards the entrance he stops at the very edge, turns his head. "Dear brother I will walk whatever path necessary for my revenge. Darkness and death are not my enemies because I embrace them fully." With that he enters a temple of sin with the intent of finding answers. Emilia try's to follow when Herniate stops her in her paths. " I apologize Lady Murder but you're not allowed, but if you wish to entertain yourself that badly I will gladly comply with your wishes"

( in the temple)

     As Al walks past the door of shadows he enters an enormous room lines with black columns. Where the alter is supposed to be instead has a black throne of bones. Sitting upon this throne is a built gray skinned man with black marking engraved all along his body. On each side of him stood a dark silhouette, as Al slowly walks forward the gray skinned man turns his head and laughs. "Aliezien what brings you to my domain?" Al looks the man on the throne directly in the eyes before exclaiming

     "Hades t never thought you would the answers I seek.... Let's make this quick Emilia is waiting outside for me, and she doesn't like to wait." Al said in a sarcastic voice. Hades chuckles an Evil laugh as he arises from his dark throne. "You've seemed to grow quite attached to that demon.... You know she only wants your soul."

    He pauses before slowly approaches Aliezien. "Never in a thousand years did I think I would need the help of a human, but it seems I need you. For thousands of years the angels the Greeks called gods held me here. So that I couldn't cause more pain than needed, but that hasn't stopped me, no instead my army has kept watched over this world for me. Now all I need to be free is your death to break the seal..... But the answers you seek can be achieved, dear Al if you devour my flesh you will grow powerful and gain the answers you seek."

    He grabs the silhouettes and absorbs each of them into himself. "Betrayal of your kind for siding with a demon, pain and lose for your family, regret that you were not stronger, and greed for more power.... I am all your inner demons rolled into one, do you think you can defeat me?!!!" He yells causing the room to shake with dark power. "I am a god, no human will defeat me!"

     Al in rage rushes towards the entity, he swings with full force, Hades dodges letting the punch destroy a column. Hades grabs his hand throwing him to the black throne with an *oomph*. Al breaks through the throne crashing into the ebony alter crashing through the alter as well. As he hit the wall with the sounds of bones cracking, and the sound of a sword clanking across the ground. As Al gazes upon the sword he notices a red demonic eye staring back at him at the base of the ebony blade. The tail that came out of handle moves happily like it wants to be picked up. "Grab me!" A soft voice calls in the direction of the sword. "I can give you what you desire...."

      Al grabs the Evil blade with the tail wrapping around his arm and tip burrows into the back of his neck. " Son of Azure Azules the Demon witch of hate i speak to you, I am the demon sealing blade Lucifer XIII, in exchange for you're body as a host you will gain the ability to devour the essences of demons. warning you will lose your sanity and may become a rampaging demon of destruction. are you willing to go that far for revenge?" Al feels the power coursing through him and starts to stand, Hades notices the sword in his hand. He laughs, but slowly starts to back away. "My old friend what were you doing here, i thought the witches of old destroyed you?" He tries to laugh off the obvious fear in his voice. Al notices the change and speaks aloud. "Lucifer I accept the terms and conditions, the risks I care not for. Now help me vanquish this demon!" 

    Al rushes at Hades with the blade at hand, swings cutting Hades letting black blood pour out. Hades swings landing a punch to Al's stomach sending him flying towards the ceiling. Al positions his body and jumps off the ceiling at full force back towards Hades, he swings his blade with force force as Hades swings his fist connecting with the dark blade sending ripples of force destroying the surrounding columns. The two unrelenting forces are distorting reality around them both beings shaking with force, but the blade starts to cut through Hades fingers. Al  is laughing like a mad man, black blood is spraying every where, Lucifer finally cuts through his fingers slicing into Hades's shoulder. Al is covered in the black blood but he doesn't care he keeps cutting up Hades , slicing his limbs off one by one. " Hades your flesh is mine, your power is mine, your life is mine, you will not go to hell because i will become your hell. Hehahahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!" Al is crazed with power like no other finally stabbing through Hades heart, and chopping his head off. Al forces his hand through Hades grabbing his heart and letting it slide down his throat. The remnants of Hades body becomes shadow and is sucked into Lucifer's eye.

     Al seems to come back to his senses and uses Lucifer's tail to strap the 4 foot sword on his back. Al Raises his fist to slam it down into the ground, sending a force so strong it shatters the remaining columns. Al walks through the shadow door way as the temple collapses in a rain of dust.

( outside the temple)

    Emilia  notices Al and rushes to him clinging to him in an excited embrace. " Yay! Al  you're back... your brother wasn't much fun." she said with a Cheshire cat's grin, then she notices the smell and black stains all over Al, and she breathes it in like its a sexy cologne on her lover. " I see you were busy, you smell so Delicious right now. and i like the new toy on your back can i play with it?"

   Al smiles because this demon no matter how evil she is has always been there for him, even if it is just to collect his soul.... the sad part is he couldn't help who he fell in love with. As Al picks up  Emilia preparing for the trip back down the mountain he notices the disfigured corpse of his brother and laughs a small laugh. It seems he fell in love with one hell of a psycho. " Hey Al where are we going now?" Emilia asks with a tired yawn?" Al leaps from the top of Mt Olympus yelling " Don't worry our next stop is much better, how do you like England?" The two deranged demons laughed crazily as they fell from the sky.






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