Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


9. Immortal

       "Al your alive!!!!!" Alice screams tackle hugging her master, letting tears roll from her eyes she tightly holds Al,"I thought you were dead I felt so alone..."

     Al chuckles looking down at Alice with a smile, "Alice you do realize that I was dead for maybe 20 minutes at the most, oh you finally jumped to the next level you've done excellent." Ruffling Alice's black hair he steps forward to his treacherous love flashing his famous insane smile, Emilia steps back fear oozes out of her. 

    "How are you still alive Demon? I thought i sent you back to the depths of Hell," trying to play off her unease she continues, "what are you doing back so soon?" flash a cocky human smirk she grips her sword. Al glances her over before before proceeding forward seeming to float towards her. "Ha yes I was in Hell just a few moments ago, Satan sends his regards to you Ex demon of Murder. But I was waiting for my body to repair it'self enough, you see alice and i are a bit different from other demons, no we're special very special." Emilia slashes at Al with her sword frantically trying to keep him away, Al gracefully dances around the slashes still moving at a steady [pace he continues. "No my dear we were once humans but lost our souls well not really our soul just embraced the purest form of darkness. We fused with pure sin using the sins and powers of other demons to fuel our transformations, our bodies are human yet our spirits are demonic. You could say we are actually a form of Nephilim our bodies take in the powers of sins repairing our bodies allowing us to evolve and tap into the darker forces of life. No my sweet I have non of the weaknesses of a demon nor any of a human, I am the pinnacle of what all evil strives for and I have you to thank for achieving this. You helped push me to break the barrier of death, you propelled me showed me a way to vengeance, you know I have a mission and I will not die until i complete it. so I would appreciate it if you didn't get in my way Emilia." Al grabs the sword with two fingers throwing it out of Emilia's hands, his smile is playful as he kisses her cheek. Emilia freezing up cries out"wh-what are you going to do to me?" Al laughing replies ,"i'm going to show you what you used to be, what you  truly are." He grabs Emilia forcefully kissing her his demonic tongue slides in injecting Emilias old demonic power, her yes flashing in surprise she tries to push away. But as more black aura flowed in the less she fought until she became limp and numb in Al's arms, losing consciousness Al gently lets her go his long demonic tongue sliding right out. Smiling he leaves her on the floor to explore her past self.  

      "Come Alice down the rabbit hole we go for my scroll." Al says gesturing to the stair case leading under the cathedral. Shadows vibrantly move around Al painting the tunnels black with sin Alice pouting skips following al muttering "stupid master dying an kissing his killers, doesn't even kiss the girl who fights for him." Al smiles hearing this, "If you want a kiss i'll give you one when you've earned it, my lips are meant to be earned my dear." After two minutes of descending they come out to a giant cavern with a library filled scrolls, Alice's jaw dropping at the sight of the shelf's. "Well what are we going to do now? It's frigin impossible to find out which scroll it is!!" Al walks forward laughing shadows spreading from his feet covering the walls the scrolls, the shelves, and the floors staining them all black. The shadows spread to throughout the whole room everything covered in sin. Taking off his hat he pulls out three black rabbits,"Go find the light my pets." dropping the rabbits to the ground they melt into the darkness disappearing. "now we wait."

       The scroll glowing is carried to al in the mouth of the black rabbit, Al grabbing the scroll from it's mouth takes of his hat putting the scroll inside, placing it back on his head the shadows disappear back into al through his feet.  pulling out his pocket watch he smiles "Ok time to go Alice, Time for revenge."


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