Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


4. From the Abyss is born a New Sin

( 3 years after Uriel's death: Location Hell)

    "Lord Satan something has just crawled out of the Abyss!" The dark prince arises from his throne greatly surprised "Demon you know lying to the prince of darkness is begging for an early death." The small demon cowering in fear replies back "Y-yes l-l-o-lord Satan. But we have an emergency." The root of all evil looks over annoyed with the trash that is standing before him booms out the question,"What is it Insect". The "insect" cries out dropping even lower on his knees cries out, "The creature has the Sealing sword Lucifer, and he's devoured a field of tortured souls and an eighth of our army already. What do we do your majesty?" The EX arch angel gives a look that could shatter souls to the lowly demon, before he lifts his foot slamming it full force on the back of the demon. Completely destroying any traces of the failure, Satan looking a little more satisfied points at the next weakling, "Assemble my 20 great sin generals this is a pressing matter that i would like to handle quickly with as much force as I can give." Satan looking over his kingdom of pure darkness smiles as he awaits for darkest warriors.

    With the 20 legendary sins gathered in the "Throne room of the Fallen", the pressure of the pure amount of sin would destroy any normal demons soul. The seven deadly sins were there , the ten commandments including Emilia, and finally the newest generals Pain and Regret. Emilia looking the most annoyed and anxious spoke up first. "Hey Devil what Hell are we doing here?" Satan looking most displeased on his throne answered, "My sweet Emilia we are about to destroy a being that carries the Sword Lucifer and managed to crawl out of the depths of hell itself. A being that escaped the abyss and consume one fifth of my army. That is why I have gathered all 20 of you.... Now who wants to go hunt down a creature worthy if my attention?"

     Heading out into the Burning fields was Satan and his elite team. They were following a trail of madness and mass destruction for what seemed like eternity before seeing the demonic creature that would give sin itself chills. The creature had pitch black skin that seemed to be mad of pure darkness, a Cheshire cat smile of Insanity, horns that flowed down to his shoulders like hair, the creature's hair was at hip level all crazed, It's laugh gave the devil goosebumps. He stared down the Elite demons with no emotion except pleasure radiating from its cold red eyes lit with flames of evil. Gluttony moved in with Pain trying a frontal attack, the creature on the other hand teleported behind them slicing the demons in half with his Huge demon devouring sword Lucifer. Laughing his head off he picked up the bodies swallowing both demons whole. Turning around he tilts his head to the side chuckling, before rushing in.

    Satan blocks the attack with his claws pulling out his own sword Satan attacks with a side slash. The monster Using Adultery to shield the attack comes in with a thrust grazing the demon lord. Lies, Theft, False worship, Blasphemy, and Greed attack from all sides, but before they could do damage the creature repulses them, then he moves in to rip out Greed's heart. Eating the black organ like a tasty treat.

Noticing that if they don't go all out their lives will be taken. So all of the remaining generals and the dark prince went full out demon form turning the sky black with the sheer amount of power. Each demon growing twisted horns each varying sizes, their skins peeling off with sin,, giving off dark auras. Satan charged in attacking the creature with his own demonic sword feinting off every attack with extreme precision and skill. The attacks do powerful that flames arise from every block and counterattack. From the side Lies slashed at the being drawing black blood from the attack, then Emilia cuts from the back, and finally Regret stabbed at the shoulder. The creature roared in anger grabbing Sarah's sword he crushes the metal breaking it. Comes in slashing Satan before using the other claw to grab Lust by the head crushing it with extreme force letting black blood ooze out. Ripping off the demons head the creature yet again drops a demon into it's bottomless stomach adding more intense power. The creature laughing like a mad man bursts with dark power blasting the surrounding enemies away.

Emilia finally decides to step up knowing that the only thing she has ever loved or enjoyed is destroying all of hell. It's time for her to make things right. As Emilia steps up to the human she once knew she gentle rubbed her hand against his demonic face. The creature grunts but stands there calmly like the dark aria that's reaching out to him is very familiar. Finally Emilia embraces what was once Al gently warping her arms around her demonic love. The other demons shocked by the events stay back even lord Satan is shocked by the demon's love. Of coarse demons were once angels very long ago, they still have love and it was thanks to Al that Emilia even experienced love. And it only got stronger as the years passed. Now her love is the only thing that can save Al. It was the feelings that Emilia emitted that caused Al to embrace Emilia back feeling his humanity return slowly. Emilia leaning in locked lips with Al taking her love and sending it directly into Al like their first contract. As Emilia's long demonic tongue slid down Al's throat she injected him with her love, slowly healing Al's condition. But then it happened Al's body after absorbing so much demonic power is rejecting the love. It's torturing with every cell in his body trying to reject the love, Al's mind feeling like it was rebuilt and broken all over again. Emilia seeing her love in pain did the one thing that could save him.... She gave her body and soul to him to complete the contract.

Al didn't realize it until after it was done, in his pain he gently picked up Emilia sliding her into his mouth swallowing his love. Finally they became one, but that's when it kicked in. His body was snapping with the transition. The pain was like every cell in his body was on fire while being dipped in acid, then those wounds got infected, shot up by Ak47's, finally the woulda were dipped in iodine. Now amplify the pain by 20 times and you'll feel the pain. Al's skin peeling back letting darkness gush out. His own dark blood wraps around him in a dark cocoon shaping a new demon.

As lord Satan sets the dark cocoon into his throne room he has many thoughts cross his mind. First is the fall of his mighty warriors, next thought was ow he was going to rebuild the strength if his powerful army. More than half of the demons/souls in Hell were consumed by the creature. But the last thought was, "Soon we will witness the birth if a demon...something that hasn't gapped since my army fell from Heaven. A demon so powerful that he should the very foundation of Hell will be born, and this man will turn the tide in the war against Heaven." Satan sitting on his throne awaits did the birth of his new soldier.


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