Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


1. Death Rains

"Why me?" the young boy says through his tears. "Why has he forsaken me? Why did He take my family?" He stands up completely surrounded by the ashes of his family. This twelve year old boy has experienced pain beyond belief, he walks a dangerous path of revenge. The petite blonde female walks up to him with a devilish grin upon her face. She wears a black funeral dress and carries a black laced umbrella. She comforts the boy with a smile raining down false promises and lies. The sky starts to rumble with anger and the tears of angels rains down upon the earth. " Boy?" she asks " Do you wish for power? Do you want revenge against the Demon of Hate? Will you do Anything to avenge your loved ones?" The boy tilts his head back and letting the rain wash over him, disguising his tears. As he recalls the events that occurred the night before.

     " Mum I'm home! " The young boy named Aliezien calls " You guys here?" He wanders all around the house looking for his mother, or anyone for that matter. " Guys where are you? This isn't funny!" He looks in every room, closet and even runs back to his small town to see if anyone has seen them. Fear clings to his heart as he approaches home again. The sun has already set and darkness welcomes him gladly, there is a slight chill in the air as he approaches his home. He enters his house after the long search only to still find no traces of his family. "Why would they leave me? Did they go visit aunts while I was out? Did they go on a vacation and just forget about me?" He thinks to himself. As he walks around the house turning on the lights. There is complete silence until he hears it, the crashing in the basement. " The basement how could I forget about the basement?" He runs down the steps   in hurry " Mum! Dad! Johnny where are you guys?" He smiles as he ascends.... But the happy face soon disappears and what awaits him a scene of absolute horror.

     In the center of a blood red pentagram stands what the boy used to call his mother. Around her like a second skin or a dark aura is a demon. A dark silhouette with dark tendrils coming out of it, it's arms long and claws monstrous, with a wide stitched up smile that prevents any light from escaping this dark being. The bodies of his brother Johnny and his father are sliced open, and their blood used to create the evil pentagram. Their bodies were the twisted sacrifices used to summon this demon. The thing he used to call his mother stands in a blood stained apron and a smile that screams " yes I did it, I killed them, and I enjoyed every second of it."

      "Mum why? Why did you kill them?" Young Aliezien asks. The being looks at him saying in what used to be his mothers voice. "For power and to be young again, why else son? I only brought you and your brother into this world so that I could devour your powerful souls. But now I don't need you son so die!!!!" She lunges at him with a knife slashing in a crazed way. Aliezien runs up the stairs and accidentally knocks a hanging lantern down igniting a flame. The kerosene from the lantern splashes all over the floor quickly igniting the house. The demon that now is his mother runs out laughing the words. "Dear son if you survive find me, so that I may devour your succulent flesh, and be sure to grow nice and strong by then." Leaping off into the night leaving the burning house behind. Aliezien falls to his knees in what used to his living room and prays for his God to save him. And the flames refuse to touch him, as all he has ever loved burns to the ground.

Looking over dear Aliezien sees that his mother isn't finished destroying his life. Through the teary eyes and flames he can see a dark silhouette destroy the homes of everyone in town. One by one he can hear the screams of innocent lives being taken, including his dear sweet aunt and his best friend Fredrick. He feels so powerless trapped by his shield of flames, while a monster he once loved kills everything hectares about.

      Now the boy wakes up from his nightmare of yesterday and answers the blonde stranger. "Yes I want power Lady Murder, you can have all that I am and in return I want revenge and life until that revenge is complete. After that take my soul to the depths of hell so that I may curse my mother and all she represents in hell it's self!" The woman looks upon him for the longest time and finally embraces him, finalizing the contract "dear boy your soul and being is mine. Now learn what it feels like to become a demon." interlocking lips giving him dark energy directly. Her long sickly demon tongue slides down the boys throat reaching his stomach dumping evil aura directly into his blood stream.



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