Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


8. Darkness Descends

(Outside the Cathedral )

        Alice killing the last scout clutches her chest dropping down to one knee her heart hurting immensely looking up the sky darkened intensely  lightening exploding all over the sky. "Somethings happened to master Al I must hurry," she whispers to her self thinking only the worst. Alice sheathing Lucifer starts to towards the cathedral lightning bolts raining down every few feet from her, the pain in her chest only grows more intense as she nears the broken doors of the holy ground. The soft ground crunching beneath her aching feet until the flood gates of heaven let loose a violent down pour of tears from the dark clouds. Alice is drenched as she finally reaches the broken doors of the church her mind not yet prepared to see the sight that laid before her. Alice barely holding on to the shattered door of the church lurches up her lunch tears pouring down her already soaked face.....Her master...her savior....her love....dead? No Alice is not going to take this ! No Alice is going to take the next step down the rabbit hole just like her master ready to give up her humanity for revenge. The blonde bitch calling creatures of light to take away the mysterious knight she turns around to see Alice at the door. Alice meeting eyes with her lovers murderess she unsheathes Lucifer raising the Demonic sword high stabs herself in the heart activating Project wonderland. As pure pain and death embrace Alice she relinquishes her humanity shadows entering every hole in her body filling her every cell with demonic power, her soul being destroyed and fused with her body to create a new maleficent spiritual creature. A pulse of pure power pushes Emilia back and blows the heavy wooden church doors out into the field like paper in the wind. A painful cry of grief escapes Alice's throat as her body radiates red light, her clothes changed to a torn dress covered in blood, her hair messy and matted with a demonic smile she laughs for a new demon is born today.

        "Who the hell are you?" Emilia hisses out as she regains her footing. Alice looking up at Emilia smiles with pure unwavering hate draws her sword Lucifer from her chest laughing. "Oh I'm Alice I'm here for tea with the Mad Hatter," Looking at Al's dead body her face turns sad, "Why did you tear out my heart?" Alice asks. Emilia taking a step back confused by the girls words answers, "Because he was a demon that's probably only ever done evil in his life and would probably just continue to kill the innocent....is that reason enough bitch?" Alice still sad appears behind Emilia as if she appeared out of thin air her voice ringed with sorrow as she sings to Emilia.

                 "There once was a man in wonderland, a man so mad and oh so grand,

He sipped the tea of immortality, A man so blind yet love is all he sees."

       Another Alice walks through the cathedral door circling Emilia both chant the enchanting melody.

"A man so brilliant loved by all, a man with wings always fly but never falls,

the man became the king of everything, from the darkest clovers to the birds that sing."

       Two more Alice's appear one left of Emilia and one on the right, Emilia tries to run but is blocked from all sides the room get a an eerily chill as the Alice's continue.

"In wonderland loved by all the king fell in love, the queen of hearts was his maddened love,

He loved the queen but love no love came back, the man's heart became sick and black.

The man got sick the kingdom died, all for one selfish queens pride,

The queen tried so hard to kill her king, she finally resorted to poisoning."

      Three more Alice's sitting on top of the cathedral chandelier sing as their legs swing back and forth giggling as the four still circle Emilia. Emilia trying to slash through Alice with her sword found that her sword went right through them but when she tried to push through Alice she was solid. Now scared Emilia falls to the floor As the organ plays to the frightening beat, the Alice's multiply circle surrounding circles all singing around Emilia their voices in sync.

"The king was slowly dying from his beloved queen, death descended taking the handsome king,

king will sing and have tea parties in the courtyard, haunting his beloved the queen of hearts.

The black king of clovers now the mad hatter, drives his queen mad as her mind shatters,

So the Hatter waits for his one true love, a gentle girl who was always unloved.

Then along came Alice chasing rabbits, along followed a Cheshire cat of awful habits,

So the hatter fell in love with young Alice, cleansed with madness went his malice.

Instead his hate replaced with tea, being with his love he was happy,

Then Red queen tried to interfere with the hatter, pushing him father making him madder,

So in the dead of night queen is dead, down with the madness off with her head."

           Alice stepping forward raises her sword to strike down, Emilia parries the attack kicking Alice's arm away, slicing up she cuts through air. Emilia jumps up avoiding the army of psychotic females below she grabs for the chandelier, but four Alice's were already waiting two hanging from the candle slicks slashing at Emilia. Emilia lifting her self up is slightly cut blood dripping from her ripped dress, two more Alice's thrust down through the chandelier. Emilia lets go spinning around in mid air to counter the swords pointed up breaking through the army. the Alice on top of the chandelier cuts the rope Emilia rolls away into another Alice as the chandelier falls it lands on several Alices phasing through them. Finally tiring of the all of the Alice's Emilia blasts her own repulse of power destroying the surrounding Alice's. Radiating holy power Emilia charges slashing through an army of ghostly clones  the Alice's dissipating into air. Pulling out two silver pistols she fires destroying several Alices, until she's out of breath tired leaving only the original. Emilia walking toward Alice slowly draws her pistol points the gun , cocking the gun she whispers " Bye demon bitch, it was nice knowing you."

          "Stop!" Screams the voice of a dead man....... The gun explodes in a burst of darkness, Emilia turns around to see a corpse rising surrounded by a pillar of black light. The cathedral roof exploding as the dark light rises to the sky turning the rain into an inky black substance as it falls to the earth burning holes through the holy roof. The silver swords impaled in Al's body shatters, insane laughter fills the ruined cathedral the remaining light is put out replaced with black flames dancing across every candle. Al's wounds heal closing up with black stitches as he stands back on his feet an evil smile spreads ear to ear across his pale face. The pillar of dark light condense into Al's body letting clear water pour down drench the newly revived Al. Laughing Al tips his tattered hat in both womens directions,"Did you miss me Ladies?"





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