Hate Is A Weapon

it is about a boy who lost everything and sells his soul to a demoness to gain the power for true revenge


7. 20 years later and I still love you

(20 years later in front of a Vatican Cathedral )

     It was a crisp autumn night with a full moon projecting a brilliant glow cascades over the empty field near the church. The wind was gentle gracefully touching the blades of grass carrying pollen to kiss the flowers, all was calm except the constant thumping of silver to flesh. Every hair on Al's body is raised at an all time high, he hasn't felt such feelings since her death and yet shes here right in front of her love, stabbing him repeatedly with a silver rapier Emilia's eyes showing complete hate. Blood gushes from his mouth staining the white night gown that she wore with black inky like blood, the sounds of a girl crying nearby grieving for the lost of a loved one, yet all that can be heard is Al's dying laughter. A familiar girl crying nearby calling out Al's name rushing toward him .....Al the most powerful demon to ever exist is on the verge of dying because of love..... why?

( 6 weeks before same place)  

          "Alice back your ass off of me ! We have a mission and I don't want your ugly bitch ass in the way. Don't get me to angry, or you'll be wiped with my tail everyday. " Al yelled at the new demon of Murder. A young female with ebony black wave hair, two small horns growing out of her beautiful head, her pale face glowing with fear of her master. She was a petite five foot tall teenage girl who was chosen by Al to replace Emilia, another human to carry the Sin's powers. Her name is Alice and Al save her from being devoured by gluttony on a mission, Al seeking company not of a Demon decided to save the orphan human giving her the ability to convert Sin into spiritual power just like demons. Young Alice follows Al never questioning his insane personality or his methods only staying loyal to her immortal master. " But master you don't have a Tail? Bu-ut I'm sorry I'll be careful please forgive me Al." Al laughing his same insane laugh just walks on towards a church filled with exorcist trained to slaughter demons for a living. Alice feeling sheepish still follows her master to the heart of his fate. For twenty years Al has followed Satan's order tracking down the Vatican's hidden training ground holding the Archive of the All seeing Truth. A library with a scroll allowing the reader to locate any demon in the universe. His skin crawls at the very thought of finally getting his revenge for his village, his family, and his love to finally put all of those sacrifices to good use. Alice trailing behind her master feels worry for him, knowing nothing of his past, yet she still blindly follows him for his quest for revenge and why? Well she made the same mistake he made so long ago..... she fell in love with a demon and soon she will pay the price for it.

        Dark clouds fill the skies as a being of pure Insanity kicks the four century oak door into the cathedral an explosion of dust and ruble explode from the entrance. At least a dozen exorcist trainees come rushing at the demon swords raised. Alice rushing in hand on hilt draws Lucifer slicing the next generation of exorcists in two, sheathing her unholy weapon the bodies side into pieces leaving a giant pool of blood filling the holy floors. Laughter of pure evil echoes across the holy walls, all is silent in the main hall...... until a giant beast crashes through the stain glass window of Jesus knocking down the giant cross. The giant beast is a 7 foot tall 10 foot length Lighting Nether Hell Cat armed with ebony claws and diamond jaws. It's rider is a holy knight in silver armor angelic wings coming out of her armor a rapier and brad sword strapped to her side. Al smiles at the sight of a new fighter one looking to be a challenge. " Alice recede I've got this one take out the surrounding weaklings, report back to me in 20 minutes," Al says with a smirk " This won't take long. Alice looking to her master nods with a worried smile following his orders she runs out the door. The rider in an attempt to stop the human from escaping throws her broad sword directly at Alice's back with extreme precision. Al laughing lashes out a tendril of darkness knocking the sword out of the way an inch before it hits Alice Sending the sword into the wall. Sending out another 7 tendrils at the rider Al laughs, " Yes make this fun for me it's been a while since I've been challenged."

            Al calls the shadows to embrace him letting the darkness crawl over his clothes changing into a mad hatter kind of wear complete with a top hat, Al's skin gets pale his teeth becoming sharp hair becoming a even darker black. His laughter echoing madness because Al has transformed into the Mad Hatter. Controlling the tendrils Al knocks the stranger into the wall with a crash. Al melting into the shadow with a laugh sends the shadows after the stranger, a void appearing beneath the giant kitten sucks it into the shadows with a growl. The air grows colder the cathedral becoming darker, the holy knight final dislodges itself from the wall. Al appearing out f the wall behind him pushes the stranger into another shadow void, the stranger disappearing. A void on the roof appears launching the stranger out the knight hitting the ground violently, Al firing out of his own void flies inches away from the knight grabbing his broad sword out of the knights hilt. Putting his hand into inky blackness al pulls out the decaying body of a giant Lightning Nether Hell Cat kicking each bone at the stranger as he tries to rise knocking the knight back to his knees. Al laughing slowly walks towards the stranger, " HAHAHAheehehe, stranger you bore me I expected much more from you considering your dramatic entrance. But your wings are damaged and power is weak so I guess it's your time to die just like your poor kitty." Al raising the sword he acquired slices down.... Al stabbed through the back with a silver rapier, forcing Al to drop the sword, the stranger upper cutting Al in the face. As Al hits the floor shocked he sees his attacker....."Emilia?"

            The blond woman in her early twenties looks at Al with disgust, the face of his love spits on his impaled body her blue eyes shining with hate. Dressed in a blue aristocratic dress her hair flowing to her hips, her petite body looking just as Al remembered, she kicks Al her greaves stabbing into his ribs. "Demon how dare you try to murder my brother in the house of God ! And even more sickening you call my name in a loving manner." Emilia stepping on Al's impaled chest pushing the sword deeper into the ground her face inches away from Al as she whispers, "I Emilia Airheart the daughter of Erich Airheart will never let your kind live," Pausing she grabs the broadsword off the ground  lifting it high in the air she shouts as she impales Al's face, " Now be a good Demon and die." Pain shooting through Al his brain shutting off activating doom.


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