The girl with the skateboard

God, I was so pissed! I need my skateboard, where is it... I grab my long board and storm out of my house. Fuck this shit!


3. there she is

Matts pov

I walk to my locker and put my skateboard in it since it's a big one. As I close my locker I see her. The girl with the skateboard, I call her like that because I don't know her name, yet. She is beautiful and cute. She has long/short brown hair, if you know what I mean, let's say, her hair comes to her rear tire of her bra. (No, I'm not a perv, you can just see it) and purple eyes, yes purple, I don't know why and how tho...

Suddenly, I feel a finger pooking my cheek and see that it's Charlie, my bestfriend. He does that when I'm day dreaming.

Let's talk about Charlie...

We're bestfriends since forever, really. Our mothers were bestfriends and they were both pregnant at 28. But Charlie: He has also brown hair but mine was a little bit darker. Green eyes aaaaaand a eyebrow piercing, just like me, we actually got it together so yeah. Girls have bestfriend necklace, we have  bestfriend piercing. Skaterboy, just like me.

''MATTTT'' He yells in my ear. Oh this motherfucker I hate it when he does that and he knows it good because last time I slapped him really damn hard. I was about to slap him again but he gives me a high five and he laughs. I just glare at him.

''Anyway, you were daydreaming, again.''

''Oh shut up.'' I looked for TGWTSB (the girl with the skateboard, too long if you ask me) but she wasn't there anymore. ''What do we have now?'' I ask.

''Art and we are late so move your ass!'' He closes his locker and mine as well.



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