The girl with the skateboard

God, I was so pissed! I need my skateboard, where is it... I grab my long board and storm out of my house. Fuck this shit!


6. the meeting... THAN THAN THAAAAAN

Aria's pov

I was at the park, skating fast thinking about that damn boy, I don't know his name tho... Omg, he is gorgeous! He has beautiful blue eyes. Well, my eyes are also blue but last year I sprayed something like color hairspray in my eyes by mistake so now I have purple eyes but it would last for a year so my eyes will be blue soon! Anyway... And sweet baby Jesus... His damn eyebrow piercing oh and his lips, his emo-ish dark brown hair (he's not emo).... He's just gorgeous!

''HEY WATCH OUT!!'' I hear someone yell. I look up, too late.


Matt's pov

I was furious! I was skating really damn fast and then I see a girl that was daydreaming on her pintail while skating. I couldn't stop...

''HEY WATCH OUT!!!'' I yell but it's too late. Bam, both on the ground.

She quickly grabbed her skateboard.

''Watch out next ti-...'' I was angry but then she looked at me and I was speechless. (cheesy as hell but i don't give a fuck :))


Aria's pov


Shit no, it can't be him! Shit shit shit.....


Matt's pov

She was THE girl! The girl with the skateboard!

I wasn't angry anymore, I was speechless.

''S-sorry, my bad...'' She said looking down.

''Oh, n-no it, it's good.'' I stand up and hold my hand out to help her up. She took it and stood up as well.

''I'm Aria, and you are..?'' She said. I FINALLY GOT HER NAME!!!

''I'm Matteo, but you can call me Matt.'' I say.

''Aren't you at my school?'' She asks.

''Yes.'' There was an awkward silence.

''Do you wonna, like, go to starbucks?'' Oh good, now I sound like a dumb white girl (no offence)! She giggles. No, no, no too much to handle now...

''Why not?'' She smiles and grabs my longboard.

''Nice longboard.'' She gives me my board.

''Thanks, yours is too.'' I say. She looks at her pintail for awhile and smiles.

''Thank you Matt.''










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