The girl with the skateboard

God, I was so pissed! I need my skateboard, where is it... I grab my long board and storm out of my house. Fuck this shit!


2. monday... we know the rest

Matts pov

6:20 am

Even tho my alarm goes around 6:30, I was already wide awake. I grab my phone quickly before that annoying tune starts, it could ruin my whole day. I stood up and went to my closet. What shall I wear today? Ah, I grab my black skinny jeans and my black SWEET SKTSB hoodie. I take a quick shower and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I saw a note on the dining table.

Good morning love,

Dad and I are on a business trip for two weeks. Sorry that we didn't told you, we didn't know it either... I left you some money for food and that stuff. Please, don't throw party's okay?


Mom :)


Well... That. Is. Awesome! I look at the clock, 7:00 am. I grab a granola bar and run upstairs, wash my teeth, grab my black and grey Carhartt beanie, my white Eastpack backpack which is filled with black drawings and graffiti and, of course, my skateboard. I have a normal skateboard, a long board, a penny board (22') and a pintail. I had to save money for three years to buy all of them and I'm deeply proud of myself. I put my blue acid denim era vans on and go to school.

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