The girl with the skateboard

God, I was so pissed! I need my skateboard, where is it... I grab my long board and storm out of my house. Fuck this shit!


5. idk...

Aria's pov (Who the fuck is Aria? She's tgwtsb)

You say Monday, I hear BORING. I look at the clock. AH! One minute left of last period, I start to put my shit in my backpack. Three, two. one...


Bam. I stand up and go to my locker, humming to 'When the sun goes down' by Arctic Monkeys. (You should listen to that amazing song!) I grab my normal skateboard and put my headphone on. Which song should I listen mmh.... When the sun goes down!


At home

''I'm hoooome!'' I yell.

''Oh hello darling!'' I hear my dad say, probably from downstairs.

I run to my room and hide my skateboard in my walk-in closet. Why? Because my father doesn't know that I have 5 skateboards, a penny board, longboard, pintail and two normal skateboards. Once, my mother said she would buy me a penny board if I had good grades, which I had, but my father said that I couldn't have one because it's ''dangerous'' and bla bla bla... My mother died two years ago, before she died, she gave me a letter which said that I could buy a skateboard and left me $700 so that I could buy it. So if someone touches my skateboard, I would probably slap or punch that person so damn hard.

''I bought some food!'' My dad said. I went to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. When I'm finished, I wash my hands and go to my room. I didn't have homework so I had time to kill, what should I do? Is that even a question? My dad was in the bathroom, perfect. I grab my pintail and put my BURTON beanie on (cover book) because my dark brown hair was messy. I went downstairs opening the front door.

''Dad, I go for a walk since I don't have homework.'' I say

''Okay, text me!'' He says

''Yes, bye!''

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