The girl with the skateboard

God, I was so pissed! I need my skateboard, where is it... I grab my long board and storm out of my house. Fuck this shit!


8. an

Hey y'all :)

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated because first, I had exams, second my computer didn't work (i can't write on my ipod because i need ios 7 which i haven't :\) 3, my computer DIED. D-I-E-D. (i almost cried because my computer was and is everything to me) 4, christmas break and blah blah blah

I have another computer now (which i don't like because the other was waaay better) so i can, finally, update!

I'll update Thursday or Friday :)


I hope your christmas was awesome and happy new year (im so late omg)






checking out



Emily :)


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