The girl with the skateboard

God, I was so pissed! I need my skateboard, where is it... I grab my long board and storm out of my house. Fuck this shit!


7. an

Heeeeey everybody :)

So this is my first AN of this book, cool. I hope y'all like it! (the story, not the AN...)

I'm sorry if you taught this was an update... Speaking of that, I have exams soon so I'm not able to update any soon. I'll be back in 3 weeks (omg that's a lot!). But I love writing this story because I LOVE skateboards but my father thinks that they are dangerous and that shit (but don't worry, I WILL buy it and hide it if I must!) I use 'but' a lot... But anyway, I like writing this story because yeah... God, I'm so bad at this... lol






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