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Jordan is a queit girl she never sais something. That's because of something that happened in the past and with that she hates muggles even more then Draco does. Draco likes her and he wants to hear her speak no matter what. Will she ever speak and will she find her real parrents.


5. Memories

Jordans POV

The Griffindors already hate me and that stupid Lavender girl thinks she can bully me. I hate her already, I walk around in the castle and when I decide to go back to the common room I bump into to Harry.
"Great he's gonna hate on me too I don't have time for this" I think but to my suprise Harry helps me up. I glare at him and take a piece of paper and write down: "What do you need?" He looks at me confused. "Why should I need something from you" Harry asks. "Because you helped me when I we were no friends and you must hate me 'cause I hate muggles". (All the things Jordan says is writen down she still doesn't speak).

"I just helped you 'cause I'm a nice person but why do you hate muggles?"
"Personal reasons"
"Comme on you can tell me I'm the chosen one I'll keep it a secret"

"You have a big self esteem don't you?"

"Why do I have a big self esteem"

"Every time you speak you say that you're the chosen one, if you'll excuse me now" I write down and walk past him. "Why do you hate muggles just say it to me" he says grabbing my arms. I can't say something cause he has my arms so I can't write. "I just want to help you so why don't you say why you hate them maybe I can help" he yells at me. I remain silent. His face come dangerously close to me. "Tell me" he growls. "Let her go!" i hear. I turn my head and see Draco and Blaise. Harry let's go of me and whispers in my ear: "Sorry I reacted a bit to hard" and then he walks away. Draco runs to me, "Jordan are you okay?"


"where did your father hide the adresses from the other witches and wizards?" one of the muggles asks me. "I-I don't k-know" I say. "Lies where does your father keep it?" he yells bringing his face close to mine. "I don't know I-I really d-don't know" I stutter. "Such nice Arms it would be a shame if something happened with them" He says with a smirk. "Please Don't" I cry but it's too late he grabs a knife and start running it over my arms.
I cry and kick and try to get free but my strenght is nothing compared to his.
I start Crying so hard and kicking everything I could hit my body hurts, especially my right arm.
The man drops me and I hug my arm while crying.
-End of flashback-

I gasp for air and hug my arm when my arm stops hurting I feel that my cheeks are wet and I'm in an hospital bed. I look around and see Draco sitting in a chair next to my bed.

Draco's POV

When I asked Jordan if she was okay she just collapsed. "What did Potter do to her" I ask to Blaise. "I don't know but I don't think it was Potter look at her". I turn around and look at her I see her shaking her head then she start crying. I want to pick her up to tell her everything is fine but she starts kicking around her. "WHat is happening" Blaise yells. "I don't know but we better bring her to the hospital, Blaise go get Dumbledore" I yell and I manage to pick her up. After getting hit ofcourse. WHen I'm in the hospital wing I lay her down on a bed madame pomfrey comes and asks what happened I tell everything and she goes away searching for medecins to calm her down. When I look at Jordan she's holding her arm I look at her arm and then I see it, her sleeves are a bit up and I see scars all over her arms. I sit down on a chair and then she wakes up. She looks around and sees me. She opens her mouth to say something "Yes she's gonna say something :D" I think. But then Dumbledore and Blaise enter. I see Dumbledore looking at Jordan and then he sais: "I know what's wrong folow me I can help you get rid of those memories". Jordans Face lits up and she follows him. Me being curious, I follow them.

I'm sorry i totally forgot about this story to make it up I'm going to upload another chapter today

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