Say something

Jordan is a queit girl she never sais something. That's because of something that happened in the past and with that she hates muggles even more then Draco does. Draco likes her and he wants to hear her speak no matter what. Will she ever speak and will she find her real parrents.


1. Hogwarts

Jordan's POV

They kicked me again and again and again. Those muggles i hate them but i don't feel pain and i don't have to cry. They have done this so many times i got used to now I'm 15 and all this started when i was 8. They learned me to not speak against them so i stopped speaking in total i still know how to speak but i don't think i can do it again. They warm up metal and push it against me but again it doesn't hurt anymore and i don't scream. But then they take a knife and my wrist this is the only thing that i still can't do they never do it to deep so i stay alive. They take one wrist and the knife makes a deep cut I still don't cry cause I never cried after my 10th birthday. But i still back away if they come with the knife. The one with the knife smiles evil and takes my other wrist but then an old man with a long beard apparate in the room. All the man are shocked but then they take weapons and attack them but the old man isn't suprised and he takes a run for me he grabs me by the arm and he apparate with me in an old office. I back away from the man cause i don't know who it is. "No need to be afraid" he smiles at me. I'm not afraid but i don't trust you I want to yell but i don't cause I don't speak anymore. "I'm dumbledore and you're in my office of hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. You know that magic excist don't you" he ask I just nod remembering my parents. "This is a school where we learn all those things and i just saved you from those men and i wan't to give you a good school to learn". I just nod again. "Do you ever speak" he asks. I shake my head. "Well i will remember that and tell that to every teacher in the school" and then he starts to tell about all the rules and stuff. Then he let me see books with spells he let me try some. "You can't speak but some witches can say them in their head so why don't you try" He says and takes a box with some wands I look in them untill i find the wright wand. I nod and in my head i say Lumos. And there appears a light. I smile and we practice m skills and after two hours (I geuss I'm a great student) He sais its time to look in witch house i belong.

"Slytherin" the hat yells and Dumbledore gives me m robes.

Draco's POV

You would never believe this but Pansy stopped hanging around me cause she sais she likes GRABBE. I can't believe it who likes Grabbe serious? But I'm still glad she stops hanging at me. I walk with Blaise and we hear "Slytherin" coming out of the office of Dumbledore. "Looks like there is a new student in Slytherin wich year would she be in" Blaise asks looking at me "I don't know" I react. "You're in the 5th year wait here i will go and take your books" we hear Dumbledore say. "Looks like we have the answer" I say: "Look at the time we must go to diner." and we started running to the Great Hall.

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