Say something

Jordan is a queit girl she never sais something. That's because of something that happened in the past and with that she hates muggles even more then Draco does. Draco likes her and he wants to hear her speak no matter what. Will she ever speak and will she find her real parrents.


4. flashback

Jordans POV

I sit in the library reading books about what happened the past years. I wish the chamber didn't close that fast so the muggles all would be dead. They did kill her foster parents who she loved like her real parents.


I found papers from an adoption and then there was a knock on the door my mom that screamed and then everything went silence. I walk downstairs and see my mom lying on the floor in her own blood. I shriek in her stomach is a knife and also in her neck.
I turn around and see some men standing in the hall with my dad agianst the wall. "Run Jordan" my dad yells at me I turn around and start running but a men graps my arm and pulls me to my dad. He pushes me on the ground and takes a knife out. "Leave her alone" my dad yells. The men pulls my head up and holds a knife against my throat.
"Now lets talk" the man says. "Give us the adres from all the other witches and wizards or we'll take your little girl away" The man smirks. "No please" my dad begs. "The earth is for human only we don't want a war between magic and magic we wan't peace and normal wars with guns" the man laughs. "But we are hidding for the others too so why would you kill us" my dad asks. "Because you have the adress to the other families. And we made a deal if we gave you new identities then you would give us names and adresses. And we decided we want them now." "Please leave my daughter alone their is a familie they called the Weasleys" my dad says. "Where do they live" an other man asks. "I don't know" he answers. "You do know give us the name now or you will never see your little girl again."
"I don't know."
"That's it say goodbye to your daughter" the man says as he pulls me outside. "No no noooo" my dad yells. The man quickly turns around and throws a knife in my dad's chest. And then he pulls me to a car while I cry.
When we arrive at his house and he throws me on the floor. "Now you're going to be our maid and whenever you do something wrong or we want to we can kick you" and then he kicks me.
I start crying and he pulls at my hair: "Stop crying now make me some food" another man says. "But I don't know how to cook" I cry again. "I sayd stop crying" the man says and he stomps me in the nose: "Now make me something I don't care you don't know how to cook just do it and if it's bad then you'll pay".
*End of flashback*

"Hey everything fine" Draco asks if he sits next to me. I nod and smile. "Can I ask you something private" he asks me. I nod again. "Why do you not speak." My smile dissapears. I write down : "personal reasons."
He looks at me concerned? I smile and pack my stuff I stand up and walk out of the library leaving Draco thinking.
I walk in the halls and see griffindors glaring at me they probably heard about me HUGE hate for muggels. I just keep on walking 'till someone showed me in the ground. I look up and see an ugly girl. "Good one Lavender" her friend says. I stand up so her name is Lavender. I just turn around and start away put she pulls at my bag and all my books fall on the ground. Now I'm getting angry I pick up my books, putted them back in my bag and turned around to face Lavender.
She just laughs in my face I pulled out my wand and she stopped laughing. "You can't harm me or you should speak" she laughs. I smiles and she looks at me like I'm crazy then I say "Proteus" in my head and Lavender chanced in a ferret just like Draco in year four (Harry told me when he got home for the vacation that moddy chanced Draco in a ferret).
All her friends gasp and back away from me I smile and go to the dorms.

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