Say something

Jordan is a queit girl she never sais something. That's because of something that happened in the past and with that she hates muggles even more then Draco does. Draco likes her and he wants to hear her speak no matter what. Will she ever speak and will she find her real parrents.


2. Draco

Jordan's POV

After me and Dumbledore found out I'm a natural in spells cause i can do them by saying them in my head he gived me a short list of what I missed the past 5 years and he said what the password was to the common room but that is no use for me cause I don't speak.
Dumbledore showed me the Great hall where it is dinner now. I take a deep breath and walk inside as soon as I walk in everyone looks at me. What did i do wrong? Do i wear my robes wrong? I look at the tables with all the Slytherins and i sit at the end. "Silence" Dumbledore yells. Every student stops talking and look at Dumbledore.
"As you see we have a new student here Jordan I hope you all will help her but don't get angry when she won't replie to a question. Cause she won't speak she never speaks so I hope you will all behave you". Everyone looks at me and a boy shouts at Dumbledore: "Is she mute? Can't she speak? Is she born without tongue." Everyone starts laughing I glare at the boy if looks could kill. "Silence, yes she still has her tongue and she can speak but she won't and that's all i wan't to hear about that now go back to your dinner" Dumbledore shouts and everyone starts eating. "That stupid mudblood" I hear someone saying next to me. I turn around and see a boy with platinum gold hair smiling at me. I frons at the word mudblood. "You don't know what mudblood means" he asks at me. I shake my head.
"It means that you're a kid with magical abilities but bouth you're parents are muggles" he explains.
When i hear the word muggles I remember all the events with those men I get so angry I didn't know how much fors I was putting on my glass with juice so it broke and a few Slytherins look up but they start talking again.
"I guess you don't like muggles" he smiles at me. I take out my noteblock and write down: "I despise them." He smiles at me and we start eating. He sais his name is Draco Malfoy and I also meet his friend Blaise Zabini. After dinner we needed to go to a class with the name OWL. in that class a boy Harry Potter got detention we're almost at the end of the lesson that's given by a woman with pink clothes that wasn't at dinner. She asked me a question but I didn't answer and you know the reason. And then it happened she yelled: "Detention". Draco tried to say something but she didn't lissen so i got detention great. After that I learned how to fly a broom when the others had a free time. Then I had potions and I already liked the teacher called Mr. Snape. But then it was time for detention.

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