Say something

Jordan is a queit girl she never sais something. That's because of something that happened in the past and with that she hates muggles even more then Draco does. Draco likes her and he wants to hear her speak no matter what. Will she ever speak and will she find her real parrents.


6. discovery

Jordans POV

I follow Dumbledore to his office. When we are there he shows me a bowl with water. He explains that it is an Magical bowl and he shows me how he does all his hard memories into this. Then he says that I can try. I take my wand and aim at my head. I think about the memorie from my parents dad and it comes out of me like a blinking rope. I delete some more memories. And then I smile at Dumbledore to thank him and he smiles back. "Go back to your dorm and get some sleep you look tired" Dumbledore says. Before Dumbledore saved me I was up two days in a row so I haven't slept in three days I nod and walk to the Slytherin common room where I see another Slytherin enter so I'm lucky. I walk into the common room and search my room when I enter there is already a girl inside, I smile at her and she tells me her name is Pansy and after that I fall asleep.

Draco's POV

After Jordan left Dumbledores office Dumbledore left too so I entered to watch her memories I know it's a wrong thing to do but I just have too. I walk to the bowl and search Jordans memorie I find one and I enter it. I look around and see that I am in an office and infront of a desk there is sitting a cute girl. She looks like Jordan no wait that is Jordan. I look at the papers she's holding and I see those are adoption papers I see a tear rolling down her face. Suddenly a woman screams Jordan runs downstairs. I guess it's her mom. I automaticly follow her. When Jordan runs around the corner She gasps. In the hall I see a woman lying in her own blood with a knife in her neck and a knife in her stomach.
I see tears starting to form in her eyes then she turns around and I follow.
Their are two men standing their and holding a knife against the other troat. "Jordan run" one man yells I guess her father. I see her running and one man grabbing her, asking her father to tell the adresses from other witches and wizards he says their is a family called the weaslys but he doesn't know where they life.
I see in his eyes he isn't lying after a long time they drag Jordan away and throw a knife in her fathers chest.
They push her in a car and she's crying what would you do when you just saw your parents getting murdered. I automaticly follow her again and if they park infront of a house they yell at her that she is their maid. I want to kick them and tell them she's just a little kid but it's a memorie I can't do anything. She says she can't make food but the men don't buy it and she has to make food. She makes some food and give it to them. They eat it and then sit down looking at a stupid tv show. Jordan looks around and tries to find an escape way.
When she finds an open window she opens it and tries to jump out but one of the men grabs her and pulls her back. She starts screaming and kicking. I want to help her so bad. the man starts kicking and hitting her. I want to kill him like so badly. She screams it hurts to see her like this.
After that he takes out a knife. "Please don't, please I'm sorry" she begs. It's the first time I hear her voice. Such a beautiful voice, what ashame that she doesn't speak anymore. The man starts cutting her with his knife, she screams so hard it must hurt really really hard. I want to scream to him to stop but he can't hear me. After that the man leaves and Jordan starts sobbing. She sings a song to herself, it's a lullababy probably one that her mom sang when she was little. She sings so beautiful but seeing her in pain makes me feel pain too. I start crying and then I'm pulled back out of the memorie. "It isn't nice to sneak into my office and watch a memorie" I hear Dumbledores voice behind me. "Did this really happened to Jordan?" I ask. "Fortunaly it did she's a broken girl you know, do you know why she blacked out after her meeting with Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore asks I shake my head. "It remembered her of a memorie from her past where one of her kidnappers came so close with his face too". My eyes widen hearing that. "I'm going to kill Potter for putting her trough this, letting her remember all those horrible things"

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