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Jordan is a queit girl she never sais something. That's because of something that happened in the past and with that she hates muggles even more then Draco does. Draco likes her and he wants to hear her speak no matter what. Will she ever speak and will she find her real parrents.


3. Detention

Jordan's POV

I walked to the office from that teacher. When I entered that boy called Harry Potter was there too. "Good now take the quill and write down: "I will always reply if the teacher asks something." That Harry wanted to use his quill but she said that it had to be done with the ones she gave us. "But we don't have inkt." "You don't need inkt" she says. "How many times do we have to write this". "You will know now go to work" She says and i started writing. I feel something in my hand its like knifes but it isn't in my wrists so it doesn't hurt. Harry feels it to and he let everything fall and he looks at his hand he gasps "So you will remaind it" the teacher says. But I don't have time to look so I just keep writing. My paper is full and I turn to the teacher to give it to her. When I turn around I see Harry and the teacher gasping at me.
The teacher grabs my hand and looks at it. I look at my hand too and gasp in my hand stands: "I will always reply if the teacher asks something." Didn't you feel something" the teacher asksed. I nod. "Did it hurt" she asks.
I look weird at her of course not that was not so painful like all those other things from my past so I shake my head. "How?" she asks I take my own quill and write down: "Ask Dumbledore." "Why won't you speak" she asks in frustration. Then Snape comes in. "I heard from the other Slytherins that Jordan was in detention for not answering your questions not even with a I don't know. I came to say you that she doesn't speak and that you had to go to Dumbledore" and with that he left. "Well i guess I'm really sorry and take this potion that will help you remove that and the pain" and with that she shoved us out of her office. She runs to the office of Dumbledore and she dissepears. "Well you're lucky could you possibly give me the potion when you're done I won't tell it was you." I shake my head and write down: "I don't wan't another detention." "Just leave the girl alone Potter" I hear behind me.
I see Draco comming up to us. "What has this to do with you Malfoy" that Harry guy sais. "Saving a friend from getting in trouble" He answers. "Well I'm the chosen one so back away Malfoy I don't think she wants to be you're friend" I want to stop their fight so I stand in between them and write down on a paper: "First of all i chose my friends myself and what the hell means Chosen One" Malfoy starts laughing. "You don't know who the Chosen One is".
I shake my head and write down joking: "I only know the Important ones or cool ones like Andy Biersack, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings,... Dumbledore" Malfoy starts laughing even harder. "I won against he who must not be named when i was a baby" He says angry. "Who?" I write down.
They can't believe their ears "What did i do wrong" I think. "His real name is Tom Riddle" Harry says. "You mean the Dark Lord" I write down remembering a conversation my parents had. "Are you a Death Eater" Harry asks. "No but I heard my foster parents having a conversation about Tom Riddle and that he the Dark Lord was and stuff before something happened" I write down. "O would you like to go to the library so I can teach you stuff about him."
"Yeah that would be fun will you" a girl sais to me I didn't see her standing here until now. "Why would  she come with you Potter, the filthy bloodtraitor Weasly-bee and You filthy little mudblood Granger" when I heard the name mudblood fall I became very angry remebering those men. Draco noticed my reaction and smirked. "Yeah she is a mudblood her parents are muggles. I couldn't take it anymore and ran away to the library.

Draco's POV

"What the hell Malfoy" Ron yelled. "She's a nice girl I can see it in her eyes what did you do to her" Harry asked. "I just told her that Grangers parents are muggles and she hates muggles it has something to do with her past I don't know what but I think it's funny, but if you would excuse me now I have to check on her" and with that i left.
I looked behind me and saw a stunned Potter. I smirked and ran to the library hoping to find her there.

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