Abandoned Girls

An abandoned girl got kidnapped by a scummy man she used to trust.
She fought to survive without no one's help


3. Transformation

       You were tied so hard there in that dark place that no one could reach, the place where you lose hope of being found, and noticed by anyone the moment you step into… taut to a broken bed for two days, I bet that they passed like ages, you never stopped crying like some child who lost his way back home.
Only God ,and me the watcher, knew how you felt up there… the mess that no one could ever live in… Being a toy to fill emptiness of one sadist who had no pity… who never regretted and felt sorry about anything he did…
You were weak, with no real physical strength could help… I wondered what you could do. I kept watching your eyes transforming a little by little from purity to dirt… from fineness to distortion… until they were glaring totally ill…
Disappointment, fear, let down, anger, grudge, rage… All filled your heart and gave you thoughts about some way out. Even if it was a wrong thing to do, but the situation have made it the only one right thing could save you. It was running into your veins fast and tough. It made you on fire… a wild creature could do anything in purpose of surviving and feeling free again…
You asked him “Do you have any regrets?”
I am sure he was shocked to see how your look have changed a lot… to notice your big transformation, and to hear your voice speaking for the first time you got there, but he smiled, a nasty smile, instead and said “I don’t! Do you…?”
You replied making the same smile he made on your face:” I don’t have a past to regret, but what I’m sure about is that I’m not regretting what I’m about to do…”
Ramy :” And what are you planning to do?”
You:” … “
Ramy:” Answer me! ANSWER ME!!! DON’T IGNORE ME!! “
You: “…”
The silence was weird, he took a step closer to you and spoke a little softer:” you never ignored me before… why didn’t you answer me?”
You raised your head and looked directly into his eyes…You opened your mouth, like we thought, to talk .Ramy waited your answer, I did too, but you didn’t say anything… you retreated on it.
The scummy got crazier and started yelling like a fool shaking you to make words come out from your mouth… he stopped for a minute and glared to you, he thought he would make you fear like he always did, but not this time, he didn’t get that you did really change for another person.
Did you think that he’d get bored if you change to be careless? Did you think he would let you go if you won’t show any reaction ? because he were just a sadist ?
Unfairly, he maybe liked it more; I saw how did your potent eyes started to turn him on more and more.
He approached his ugly fatty face to taste the new flavor of your body, of your tiny lips, sensitive ears, burning neck… However the plan which were running inside your brain never came to my thoughts, I never expected you to be strong enough to do such a thing.

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