Abandoned Girls

An abandoned girl got kidnapped by a scummy man she used to trust.
She fought to survive without no one's help


1. Nasty mind

      I said ‘’Girl! Couldn’t you tell that there was something wrong about him? ‘’
You saw him every night around there trying to make some girls down, until he met you. He was such a scummy man. Anyone could tell just from one look into his eyes. But why would all girls fall for him? let themselves be infected by him! There was for sure something wrong about a man with such speechless eyes, that won’t let you see through them what’s running in his nasty mind.
I was usually watching you from behind without even you notice my existence; I was seeing every little detail you ignored… I knew what was exactly happening around there but I wouldn’t move a finger toward you, I was just like him waiting for a good moment … In fact, we weren’t exactly the same; he wanted your body but I didn't, he was giving up for desires, but I wasn't … yes we weren’t exactly the same, I wanted (you) to know what’s going on but he wanted to cover that truth… I wished you’d knew he got some plans running into his big head, I wished you don’t get involved anymore.. before it’s too late to go back…
However, you thought he was nice,but, didn’t you think why would he be?
I don’t think really that all those doubts never came to you when you close your eyes to sleep, you were actually aware of it, but your need never let you wake up from that warm dream, wake up in a freezing reality … you didn’t want to let away a beautiful lie for a painful truth, you knew you were the only one who’s going to be turned down, to be hurt… while he was going to be alright. But you just ignored it like all those little details.
I wished you’d make everything together and open your eyes a little bit earlier, but you needed to face it in front of you to accept those doubts as a reality and to look at that painful illustration you ignored before, you needed that push a long time ago… you needed ME to show you the right way to look but I left you on your own.
So, if that wasn’t the right time for me to show up, then when it will come ? i may wait for it for forever and it never comes...
That night was the hardest one anyone could go through... But you had to experience it because i wouldn’t show up for you, I saw where he took you, I followed you to that place;The dark room where they used to burn witches, now it’s place for abandoned girls like you to lose themselves.

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