Abandoned Girls

An abandoned girl got kidnapped by a scummy man she used to trust.
She fought to survive without no one's help


5. Abandoned

      Time came to turn your mind on, your hands just started touching, what is was like, his face...a smile had appeared on yours and you said : “ What have I done ? “

Was that coming from regret? I guess not, you just stood up, took some steps around then went back to where that dirty body was laying.

You took his hand softly and said:” I trusted you one day… but who’d know that you’d  destroy me with this sloppy body?”   

Yes! That sloppy body had destroyed everything, messed up with your past and killed your future… How would you live now? Life was going to be just harder from that moment on.

And I thought, it might be the best moment for me to show up… To be part of the acts of your story…

I’ve always believed that I've loved you, and that I've loved your heart more than everything.

I’ve decided, that if I had not been there when you needed me the most, I might be then at that moment… I thought that I had to take at least that part for you… to clean that mess for you.

I took a step toward you full of confidence in the choice I’ve made…then, and another one...

But quickly, I started doubting it...

Was I really able to lose myself and my life for you?

I couldn’t move my feet any other inch, my mind went crazy... regret and doubt messed up with my mind.

I loved you… I loved you …. I loved you… but, it might just be not enough to lose myself for

After all, you were just one of the kinds; and abandoned girl we do love but just not enough to take a good care off...

I’m sorry… I’m sorry… but, I had to turn you down all the time...I’m sorry, love but you got to learn that abandoned girls won’t ever be something more, because no one will offer them something for nothing…

It wasn’t just me; I was just a human being that wouldn’t take a way where he’d lose more than he’d have

But I cared about you, I watched for you, I loved you, however it wasn’t just enough...

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