Abandoned Girls

An abandoned girl got kidnapped by a scummy man she used to trust.
She fought to survive without no one's help


4. A beast


         “Ramy? Isn’t it?” you whispered “come closer! “

He approached  “A little more...” you added

And he approached more...

“Some more... some more... some more...”

Until you were feeling his breath on your face.

He touched your hand softly and you said “won’t you untied it? “

He quickly did think that you were about giving him more pleasure; he had many thoughts and imagined you in many positions: how you’d offer him a diffrent kind of fun and leisure, how your new self would react to his acts…

He slowly removed the thread, smiling and gazing with some bright eyes, without expecting you to do what you did there.

It was your plan from the beginning, you were just waiting for the right time.

Were you always that clever? Were you always that way ?

You attacked and bitted him harshly like a strong beast… he was bleeding that he couldn’t even move. He started yelling and screaming, he got very furious that I thought he’d murder you the moment he’d step on his feet.

But, you were faster than that, you stood up and you started kicking him as hard as you could.

Then, you got on top of him and you punched his face many times to the point that no one could anymore know the features of his face…

Watching you getting your revenge freaked me. The only voice I was hearing was you laughing out loud.

Blood was everywhere… I was so scared!! And so he was.

I nearly wetted myself; I was shaking in my place and I couldn’t even move!! And so he was.

He wasn’t even screaming. That man was like a piece of wood, not making any move or reaction despite of all what you were doing.

Just after a short time... he just went to somewhere else, It might be hell, But, no one knew...

You didn’t quit hitting him even though you knew he was dead.

Your feeling of anger and rage wouldn’t stop you, and you just didn’t get enough… You wanted more and more….

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