The Missing Key


1. 1

I ran to the bathroom after 3rd period like always. 4th period on a Monday is the day that Sarah and I both have a free period. I used to love it, 4th period used to be my favourite of all, but all those feelings are gone because I helped someone follow their dream.

I wonder if Luke remembers me... Probably not, he is getting bigger and bigger everyday. He probably doesn't even remember my name. The thought of it makes me sad. We've basically known each other since we were born. My mom gave birth to me just 2 minutes after he was born. We "popped out" at the same hospital and his room was next to mine. It was pretty cool actually.

Sarah came into the picture a year after us. We still became great friends. Luke had always loved music, almost as much as much as I did! Okay, maybe a bit more but whatever. I remember when we played outside and I had to leave for piano lessons, Luke and Sarah would always come with me. They'd sit down and just watch me as I learned. Sometimes, when we got older, Luke would play his guitar while I played piano. Sarah would sing. I was always jealous because I sorta fancied Luke from a young age and I wanted him to hear me sing. It sounds selfish.. And foolish, but it's true.

Luke came up with the idea to post covers on YouTube. I was totally onboard with the idea but Sarah wasn't too happy about it. She didn't want him to get big because that would mean that he might end up leaving to tour around the world or something. I thought she was being silly but look where he is now!

Sarah got really mad at me for encouraging him to go through with it, and telling him he should look into being in a band. When he and his new friends Ashton, Calum and Michael left to start a tour with One Direction, Sarah started being really rude to everyone. She used my insecurities against me and told the whole school about every. single. one. The whole school began to tease me.

I was devastated and went into depression really quickly. It seemed like everywhere I went, their rude remarks would follow just trying their hardest to tear me down. I'll tell you one thing... It worked.

Where was Luke in all of this you ask? Having the time of his life. But I wasn't about to take that away from him. I just through everything in this bottle inside my mind and hid it from everyone . Luke was like my best friend. I have no one now. He can't help me, my dad was thrown in jail for abusing me and sexually assaulting 5 other girls, my mother committed suicide because of all the stress, and then my family ditched me.

I was staying with Sarah and her family.. But I obviously left. Now I live in a box in downtown Sydney, Australia with nothing.

How do I afford school? I have a deal with the school that if they don't turn me on to an adoption centre place and help pay for school, I'll have extra school hours, clean the school with the janitors and help in the office everyday. I feel like dropping out.

The only place that keeps me happy is the abandoned theatre down the street from my box. Someone left a piano in there and every once in a while I'll go play and sing as loud as I want, no one can hear me.

So over all I guess you can say my life is basically hell.

The door that leads to the bathroom opens snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Is Brayden the little slut in here? Oh wait, of course she is because she's got nothing better to do then sit in a box on the street begging for money" Sarah.

Her and her crew slowly kick open the doors one by one... Mine is next.

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