When a long-distant cousin comes to visit the family, all seems to be going well. However, when the matriarch is violated, it will test the family to show if they are the criminals and kooks that society seems them as; or show a different side that will shock everyone.


3. Healing Slowly

Later that night, Wednesday snuck downstairs into the dungeon. She saw their prisoner tied to a pole, sleeping peacefully. Glowering at the man, she approached him slowly. When she was close enough, she threw the Ice Pick at his leg.

Their cousin yelled in pain, but then smiled. "Little Wednesday," he chuckled. "How are you?"

"Upset," she said darkly. Walking over to him, she pulled out the Ice Pick. Blood started gushing out slowly from the wound. "Seething."

"Over your parents?"

"Over you," she answered, stabbing him in his other leg. The blood seeped out slowly, and she looked up at him. "And what you did to my mother."

"Hello?" A voice called out. Wednesday knew it was Uncle Fester.

"Got lucky," she said, pulling the Ice pick and running to the tunnel at the other end of the wall.


Gomez woke up early the next morning, looking down at his wife who was finally sleeping peacefully. Granted, he preferred to see her thrashing in the sheets, but with all she had been through, he took her sleeping quietly as a good sign. He debated on whether or not to wake her, when his mother walked in.

"How is she?" Eudora asked, looking over his shoulder at her daughter-in-law.

"Finally asleep," Gomez sighed helplessly. "I hate seeing her like this, Mama. She can barely go two hours without crying out into the night… it used to be a sound I relished waking up to; now I feel a new emotion… one that I've never felt before."

"Son," Eudora replied, placing a hand on his shoulder. "What you feel is revenge. Now, you may have think you've felt it before, when you had to duel other men and keep them away from Morticia; but you feel it for real now.

"Your wife has been violated, and you weren't there to protect her; you feel guilty, and you want to ease it by avenging her. But, Gomez, be careful how you handle this. If you were arrested by the police, Morticia would give into her misery… and I don't mean that in a good way. You're her rock, her fortress- She won't even let me or Fester near her, just you."

Gomez sighed, caressing his Querida. He would kill for Morticia, die for her… anything she wishes from him, he would do on the spot. He was wrapped around her little finger. He knew, though, that Eudora was right; if he was locked up, she would probably die. "Thank you, Mama."

Eudora smiled, squeezing his shoulder. "Anytime, my son. I'll be back up with something for you both to eat. Hopefully her appetite has grown a bit."

Morticia began stirring in her sleep once again. As soon as the door clicked she shot up with a scream. "Gomez!"

"Cara," he said softly, slowly wrapping his arms around her. "I'm here, Cara Mia. You have nothing to fear."

"Oh, Gomez," she whimpered, burying her face into his shoulder. He felt the warm tears fall into his sleeve, and held her closer as she wept. "It was awful… I thought you were dead…"

"Never, Querida," he whispered, cupping her cheek. Their eyes locked, and he desperately wanted to kiss her passionately; however, he had to show restraint. That was the hardest thing he's had to do the last couple of days. She didn't react to his kisses on her head, but his kisses anywhere else seemed to cause a reaction he wasn't used to: struggling. Sure, they struggled against each other when they made love on the rack, or when he tied her down. But this struggle wasn't the weak one where she'd submit to him willingly; this struggle felt more like one where she'd fight to get free of him until she couldn't fight any longer. It was all strange and new to him, and he did not welcome it at all. "I can't die that easily."

Morticia looked up at him longingly, and he could see that she wanted to kiss him so badly it was killing her on the inside. "Darling…" she said hesitantly.

He pressed his fingers to her lips, then caressed her. "Don't talk, Tish," he murmured soothingly. "Just relax in my embrace." His hands that were around her back began to slowly massage it; soon feeling her tense and knotted muscles disappear. "Better, Darling?" He asked, continuing to massage her.

"Miserably," she whispered, sighing a bit as her eyes closed.

Gomez wasn't sure how to take it; or if he should take it as a good sign, but he made sure to hold back on his kisses, and just focus on getting his love better.

The door opened and Mama walked in, carrying a hot bowl of stew. "Ah," she said happily, looking at Morticia. "How is our patient?"

"Tired," Morticia replied as Gomez helped her sit up. She looked up at him with a bit of fear in her eyes.

Gomez wasn't sure why she looked at him that way, but he was going to do his best to keep her relaxed and reassured. "It's alright, Tish," he whispered. "Mama's just giving us some food."

"Baked Iguana," Eudora put in. "And Pine cone nectar. Just the way you two like it. "

A ghost of a smile came across Morticia's lips. "Thank you, Mama," she said.

A cry came out from downstairs, startling Morticia as she dropped her cup of nectar. "Oh, dear," she groaned, her hands shaking as she tried to clean it up.

"Querida," Gomez said softly, taking her hands into his in the hopes they would stop shaking. "Don't worry about it. Let the stain remain."

Morticia looked up and smiled at him, just as Mama gave her a new cup and placed a plate of baked Iguana between the couple. "There's more in the kitchen," Mama commented, looking at Morticia. "I just wasn't sure how hungry you two were."

"Gomez!" Fester cried. "Gomez!"

"What is it, Fester?" Gomez called as Mama left the room. He turned back to his wife, who was slowly eating her food, and picking at it a bit. She looked up as he brushed his knuckles softly against her cheek. They both smiled at each other, and he pulled her closer.

"Control yourself, Darling," Morticia whispered. Gomez chuckled softly, and kissed her head.

The door opened, and both Wednesday and Pugsley were standing there with their Uncle Fester. "Gomez, you need to talk to your offspring."

Gomez looked at his wife. "Go," she whispered. "I'll be okay."

"I'll just be a moment," he whispered, kissing her head before heading out of the room. "What is it Fester?"

"Gomez," Fester said, glaring at the twelve year old and ten year old siblings. "Your children here have deliberately disobeyed you."

"What could they have done," Gomez chuckled, going down to their height.

"I caught Pugsley using our prisoner for darts," Fester replied, glaring at the children. "And last night, I found him bleeding from stab wounds; probably the work of Wednesday."

"Now, Wednesday, I expected to disobey me," Gomez replied, his gaze hardening a bit at his children. "Pugsley, I'm a bit surprised at. In either case, though, you're both grounded. Wednesday that means no playing with your weapons or spiders; Pugsley, no playing with your explosives or chemistry sets."

"But Father-" both children whined.

"No buts," Gomez said, turning away. "Now go to your room, and think about what you've done."

"Yes, Father," they children pouted, turning away.

"Fester," Gomez said in a low voice, once he was sure the children were gone. "Keep an eye on the prisoner. I think my children will try again."

"I will," Fester said. "Can we continue torturing him, though?"

"No," Gomez said, turning back to his room. "I think he's had enough for one day. Let him be; in the meantime, I'll stay up here with Morticia. She needs me."


Morticia was able to get half way through the baked Iguana when Gomez came back into the room. "What did the children do?" Morticia asked as he crossed the room. Her loving husband sat down next to her and embraced her.

"Taking matters into their own hands," he replied as he pulled back a bit. "They started torturing our prisoner."

"No need to keep calling him that, darling," Morticia said, fighting off a shudder that threatened to go down her back. "You can say his name."

Gomez removed the food and placed it on the night stand on his side of the bed. She figures he'd eat it when she fell asleep again. "Okay, they started torturing Vlad. Apparently that was the scream we'd heard earlier; Pugsley was playing darts with him."

Morticia shook her head. "It's one thing when they're playing with each other, but to deliberately cause pain out of revenge… I thought we taught them better…"

"This is a new experience for all of us, Tish," Gomez said softly. "I confess, I did that earlier."

She turned and glanced at him. "I know… I heard you. I didn't say anything because… at the time I wanted him to suffer. I wanted him to feel the humiliation I felt…" tears started rolling out of her eyes again. Gomez enveloped her, pulling her tight against him as she sobbed against him. "Gomez… does that make me a horrible person?"

"Querida, no," he soothed, rocking her back and forth. He hoped it would comfort her, and dry her eyes. "No… you more than anyone deserves to feel that way."

Morticia sniffed, and looked up at her husband. "Querido…"

"Cara Mia," He replied, pushing back her black locks. He kissed her head gently, caressing her pale skin.

"Gomez," she said suddenly. "Were you harsh on the children?"

"Just told them that they couldn't play with their most precious items. Except, I didn't take away Marie Antoinette from Wednesday."

"You were always a bit soft on our daughter," she said, stroking his cheek. She sighed happily, enjoying her time with him.

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