When a long-distant cousin comes to visit the family, all seems to be going well. However, when the matriarch is violated, it will test the family to show if they are the criminals and kooks that society seems them as; or show a different side that will shock everyone.


1. Damages

Morticia smiled as she looked at Gomez. They had been miserably married for over 13 years now, and everyday she hoped she would become more miserable with him. "I'll be back darling," she whispered, patting his cheek as she started to go out of the den. "I just need to feed Cleopatra." She nodded to their guest, their distant Cousin by the name of Vladimir Addams. "Excuse me."

Vladimir nodded. "Of course," he said. There was a glint in his eyes that sent a shiver up her spine. She ignored it, though; while Vladimir was very handsome, she was a married woman, and would never dare cheat on her beloved husband.

Grabbing the plate of giraffe patty, she walked into the conservatory. "Come on Cleopatra," she coaxed, forking a couple of pieces as she stopped by her wonderful African Strangler. "Time for lunch."

The strangler made a hissing sound as it opened her mouth. Morticia put the fork in, feeding the Strangler as she used to feed her children when they were babes. As always, though, Cleopatra would try to gulp her food. "Darling," Morticia scolded. "What have I told you about gulping? You must masticate."

The Strangler nudged Morticia gently, wanting more. However, she pulled back as a hand grabbed Morticia's shoulder. The Lady Addams gasped as she turned to see Vladimir there. "Oh!" She gasped. "I didn't hear you come in."

"I'm sorry for startling you," Vladimir replied, nodding apologetically. "If you don't mind me asking," he continued, looking at Cleopatra. "What kind of plant is this?"

The way Vladimir looked at her sent another shiver up her spine. While Gomez would do that all the time, she and her husband had a mutual respect and a deep love for each other. The fear she felt from him was a good fear, one that she enjoyed; with Vladimir, she felt fear that frightened her to the core and made her want to flee. However, she stayed where she was and tried to ignore this awful feeling. "Genesis Africa Strangler," she replied, wrapping her arm around the plant. "She's my favorite."

"Yes," Vladimir replied, grabbing her wrist. Morticia tensed, once again- releasing Cleopatra while she was at it-another feeling she wasn't used to. "I must tell you something," he continued, locking his eyes into hers. "I find you very fascinating."

"I believe you're trying to tell me something," Morticia replied, faking the smile on her face.

"When I first saw you I was enchanted," he replied, kissing her hand.

"Cousin Vladimir," Morticia exclaimed, shocked. "I believe you're abusing our hospitality. I'm happily married."

"I happen to make women to forget their husbands in one day," He whispered, snaking his arm around her waist and pulling her closer. Morticia started to struggle against him.

"Please," she pleaded, trying to reason with him. His grip was tightening around her waist, and she started to pull back. "I love Gomez."

"Who's Gomez?" He asked, going for her neck.

"My husband," she said, pulling back. Cleopatra reared up, hissing in warning.

"You see," Vladimir smirked, ignoring both Morticia and Cleopatra. "I've already forgotten him."

Seeing no other alternative Morticia kicked Vladimir in the shin then threw him over her shoulder. "You'll know when you see him." She hurriedly walked out of the room.

She stopped by the door to the kitchen, hiding in the corner and allowing her mind to catch up with what had been happening. Vladimir was a problem for her marriage. While he was extremely tempting, she knew that she could never love him the way she loves her husband. "I need to see Gomez," she sighed, wiping her eyes.

Believing he was in the den, Morticia hurried over there. "Gomez?" She asked, opening the door and peering inside. "Bubelé?" Seeing that Gomez's chair was turned around, she figured he was playing around. However as she reached the desk, she gasped in surprise as she realized it was really Vladimir.

"I like it when my women are feisty," he whispered, getting up and grabbing Morticia's hand. He pulled her close and started kissing her.

Morticia started fighting him, attempting to scratch him. Normally she would enjoy clawing her lover; but this man was not her husband, nor was he a lover that had potential to be her husband. After the first successful scratch, he laughed and pinned her arms to her sides with his brute strength. He then spun her around, his arms around her waist and chest.

"I wouldn't scream," he whispered. "Because you wouldn't want anything to happen to those precious children of yours."

Tears came to Morticia's eyes. She finally gave up, and allowed herself to be pinned to the wall.

Unbeknownst to them, a spy was up in the book case. He scurried off to find help.


Gomez was in his office upstairs, crashing his trains again. Thing jumped onto his shoulders and leapt onto the tracks. "Hello, Thing," Gomez said gleefully. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Thing signed for him what was going on in the den, and Gomez knew his world had just been turned upside down.


Morticia was on the couch, closing her eyes as she was violated. She'd no idea how much time had passed, but she just wanted this to end. Suddenly, the door to the den burst open and the weight she felt on top of her was removed. "Querida?" She heard as she felt her husband wrap his arms around her. "It's okay, Cara Mia," he soothed, rocking her gently. After a couple of minutes, she felt him free her wrists and wrap his jacket around her. She took the courage to see Lurch pinning Vladimir to the wall with everyone else surrounding him.

"Take him to the dungeon," Fester ordered.

Lurch growled something and walked out of the room. Gomez continued to soothe Morticia. Slowly, he lifted her up into his arms and took her to their room via a secret passage. "It's okay, Tish." He whispered, placing her on the bed.

Morticia continued to sob hysterically, burying her face in her pillow. Gomez settled next to her, wrapping his arm around her. "Oh, Tish," he murmured, gently pulling her onto his chest. "My beautiful Tish. What sort of forces would do such a thing to you."

Morticia couldn't say anything. She was still comprehending what had happened in the den. "Don't talk," she whispered after a few minutes, pressing her fingers to his lips to keep him quiet. She couldn't bare to listen to him talk about the incident. She didn't want to remember it either. Despite the fact that she and her family loved torture and other dark things, there was a line that they would never cross, and that boundary had been crossed; now all she wanted to do was curl up into his embrace and wish away this dream. "Just hold me, Bubelé. Just hold me."

She knew when she called him that he would usually start trailing kisses up her arm, to her neck, and they would initiate their love making. However, this time he showed amazing restraint, and resorted to a kiss on her head, and gently stroking her hair. She would usually prefer him to be rough and not hold back; however, she knew how much he loved her and knew that he just wanted to comfort her at this moment. "Of course, Querida," he whispered.

After awhile, there was a knock on their door. Wednesday and Pugsley walked in after their father told them to enter. Gomez slowly helped her sit up, but she still kept her face buried in his shoulder. "What happened to Mother?" Pugsley asked, touching her shoulder. "Why is she crying?"

"Who defiled our Addams Family honor?" Wednesday demanded. Morticia turned to look at their daughter. The scowl she usually wore was darker than ever, and Morticia had a feeling Wednesday would really kill someone this time.

"We have him locked up," Gomez replied, stroking her back. "I will decide what to do with him. Neither one of you will touch the prisoner- I will take care of him as soon as your mother is well enough to be left alone."

"Yes Father," the children said. Morticia knew that Wednesday would probably disobey, but she didn't say anything; she just stayed in her husband's arms as he laid her back down.

"Querida," he murmured, caressing her soothingly and pressing her against him.

At this point, Morticia would normally whisper Mon Cher, but she wasn't in the mood for love making. She just wanted to be held, she was too scared to be left alone- once again a feeling she wasn't used, and not something she welcomed. "Don't leave me."

"Never," He whispered, kissing her again. Tears continued to stream down her face, and she wasn't sure how long it was before she fell into a fitful sleep.

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