When a long-distant cousin comes to visit the family, all seems to be going well. However, when the matriarch is violated, it will test the family to show if they are the criminals and kooks that society seems them as; or show a different side that will shock everyone.


2. coping

Wednesday Addams paced furiously around the room. Pugsley was sitting on his bed, a bit afraid of Wednesday. Last time one of their own had been humiliated, she ended up beating up a neighbor's child and anyone who tried to defend him. This time though, she had her sights on one person; and that person was down in the dungeon awaiting judgement from the Addams Family.

"Wednesday," Pugsley hesitated. Wednesday turned to look at him. "What did you mean by defile our family honor?"

"Somebody hurt Mother beyond your imagination," Wednesday scorned. She was enraged by what had happened to her mother, and she was not about to let that person get away with it. "You wouldn't understand. Jut know that what they did has also made Father infuriated; he's just not showing it for Mother's sake."

"What could be so horrible?" Pugsley asked. "And how do you know about it?"

Wednesday turned and glared at him for a moment before her gaze softened a bit. "I think it's something to do with the girl talk she and I had around my 10th birthday," she replied, thinking about it. "You don't want to know the details. Otherwise I'd have to kill you."

Pugsley cringed and Wednesday went back to her pacing. Father had said that he wasn't leaving their Mother's side until she was well enough to be left alone, that gave Wednesday a few days to plan what she would do to their prisoner downstairs.


Morticia woke up the next morning with a start; she'd had the most horrifying dream- and not one that made her smile. This one made her fearful. She gasped as something touched her shoulder, turning to see Gomez looking at her lovingly. "Cara Mia," he whispered, enveloping her in his arms. "Are you alright? You've been crying out in your sleep all night."

"Was it not a sound you enjoyed?" Morticia asked, trying to make it seem like she was recovered. Although, In reality, she was still shaken, and she could see Gomez saw right through it.

"As much as I adore your screams," he said, kissing her head as he caressed her face with one hand. "Those broke my heart into a million pieces."

Morticia looked at him, then buried her face into his chest. "It's alright, Tish," he soothed. "We will survive this. Especially you."

Her hand reached up and slowly stroked his cheek. His hand went on top of hers and their eyes met briefly; the small spark she saw told her that he believed they would pull through this together. He was probably going to refuse to leave her until he was certain she was out of the woods, and back into the swamp.

The door opened, interrupting their moment, and Morticia turned to avoid whoever it was gaze. "How is she?" A high raspy voice asked. Morticia recognized it as her mother-in-law's.

"Distraught," Gomez replied, sitting up as his hand went to her shoulder. "She was crying out in her sleep during the night."

Morticia's hand reached up and squeezed his gently. She heard the clinks and splashing sounds of liquid being poured into something and silverware being dropped into it. "Have her take this," Grandmama said. "It'll help with the shock of things."

"Thank you, Mama," Gomez said, turning to his wife. "Tish, Cara Mia, do you think you can eat something?"

Morticia looked up at him wistfully, then sat up. "I don't have much of an appetite," she admitted. As he wrapped his arm around her.

"It's eye of newt stew," Gomez coaxed, picking up the spoon and tried to encourage her to eat. "One of your favorites."

Morticia smiled weakly, scratching his cheek. Her hand shook as she tried to take the spoon from Gomez. He ended up covering her hand, and helping feed her. When they were done- which was only about a quarter of the way through the stew- she turned on her side and began to cry again.

"Oh, Querida," Gomez whispered, massaging her shoulders. "My love, I can't bare to see you like this." He continued massaging her shoulders until her tears had subsided.

Another knock was at the door, and Gomez allowed them to enter. "How is she?" A high pitched voice asked. Morticia knew it was Uncle Fester.

"Bad, Fester," Gomez sighed, stroking her shoulder. "She doesn't have much of an appetite, she didn't sleep well- her nightmares really shook her this time. She doesn't even say her French very much."

"What are we going to do with our prisoner?" Fester asked.

"Where did we put him?" Gomez asked, continuing to caress his wife. By now even her whimpers had died down, and silent tears streamed down her face.

"In the dungeon," Fester answered. "Kitty's guarding him."

"Put him on the rack and have Lurch crank it a few times," Gomez ordered. Normally he'd save those devices for when he and Morticia were down there alone; this time, however, he was going to use it and gain satisfaction from it. No one hurt his wife and got away with it. "After a few hours we'll take him off."

"Oh goody," fester said excitedly. "This will teach him to mess with the Addams Family."

Morticia sighed, as Fester left the room. Gomez turned back to his wife, wrapping her up in his embrace. "Talk to me, Querida," he whispered. "Say anything you want to me."

"My plants..." Morticia mumbled, realizing something. She started to push herself up as she remembered that she had to feed Cleopatra.

"No, no, Cara Mia," Gomez said, wrapping his arms around her. "Stay here with me."

"But my plants..." Morticia insisted, trying to get out of his grasp. She noticed it wasn't very tight, and she was appreciative of that; although she did need to feed her plants.

"Lurch will feed them," he whispered, pulling on the noose. He kissed her neck, which he found out was a bad move as she started fighting. "Ssshh," Gomez soothed, releasing her and stroking her hair. "I'm sorry, Cara Mia, I shouldn't have done that; but, you're not well enough to leave this room."

Morticia sighed, knowing he was right. She'd probably have a break down in the middle of the parlor. The door opened, distracting her for a moment as she saw Lurch walk in. "You rang?" He asked in his horrible deep voice.

"Ah, Lurch," Gomez said, keeping one arm around Morticia. "Would you be so kind as to feed the plants for Mrs. Addams?"

Lurch nodded and walked out of the room; meanwhile, Gomez looked at Morticia and gently grasped her hand. He kissed it softly, then slowly stroked her long black locks. "Je t'aime mon chéri," he whispered.

"That's French," Morticia murmured, looking over her shoulder.

"Thanks to you, Querida," he chuckled, nuzzling her neck.

She smiled sadly and allowed him to continue nuzzling her. Her hand went up to stroke his jawline. She would know his touch and the feel of his skin anywhere, and it reassured her that Gomez was the one touching her and not the horrid man in their dungeon.


Wednesday looked through her toolbox, deciding on the perfect one to torture their family's prisoner. However, it had to be cumbersome, should her father find out. She decided to on the ice pick. Looking at her brother, she put it in her pocket. "Pugsley," she said, glaring at the comic book he was reading. "How can you read that when there's a crook in our dungeon?"

"Father told us not to interfere," Pugsley reminded her. "He said he was going to take care of it."

"Well," Wednesday huffed. "I'm not going to stand by and do nothing." She stomped out the door, and made her way to the dungeon. She stopped, though, when she heard several screams. She peered through the door and saw Lurch and Uncle Fester pulling back on the crank where the rack was.

"Tighter Lurch!" Fester ordered, glaring down at their victim. "I don't think he's screaming loud enough yet."

Wednesday snapped her fingers and went back upstairs. When they were gone, then she would torture their victim.


"Please, Vladimir," Morticia pleaded, attempting to push the older man off of her. "Think of my husband- your cousin."

"Oh, Morticia," Vladimir chuckled as he pinned down her wrists and tied them up. His eyes were wide and full of lust. "We may share the same last name, but just because we're blood doesn't mean we're family."

"What?" Morticia gasped, wondering what he meant by that.

"You see," he said as he tightened the ropes to make sure she couldn't move her hands freely. She tried to hold in a moan that instinctively came out, just like when Gomez tied her up. "Our blood lines are so far apart, we're not really even related." He pulled down on her dress to reveal her breasts. "Naturally, your husband's half got all the riches, and we got all the dirt. We had to beg and plead off our other Addams relatives. Now we have a small fortune, but it still isn't quite enough." He caressed her face, which made her flinch in disgust as he pried her legs open, tearing her dress a bit. "Your husband throws his money around like it's nothing; well, since he doesn't care about the money, maybe he'll care about what his precious wife. A man's true treasure is his woman after all."

Vladimir smirked as he inserted himself inside her. Morticia, again had to hold back a moan that was instinctively going to come out; this only made her feel worse about the situation, but she had to remain strong for her family. Vladimir was heartless scoundrel, and there was no way she was going to let him win.

The evil distant-cousin smirked as he leaned down and kissed her lips. She ended up biting his tongue, and made him pull back unexpectedly. He slapped her across the face, and she had to hold in the sound she was dying to make to alert her family there was trouble.

"Morticia," he growled. "That's going to cost you..."

Morticia gasped as she shot up. Thunder crashed outside and she looked around at the flash of lightning. A hand touched her shoulder, causing her to jump.

"Querida," Gomez whispered. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, darling," she replied shakily. "I just had another..." Her voice trailed off as she shuddered.

"It's alright, Cara Mia," he soothed, pulling her into his embrace. "You don't have to finish."

Morticia caressed his jaw lovingly. "Thank you," she whispered, cuddling into him. She needed to breathe him in; needed his touch, needed to know that he was there and not alone. "Bubelé."

"Tish," Gomez whispered, resorting to kissing her head. "You need to be careful with that name. You know it sets my Castilian blood aflame."

"I also know that you know how to control yourself when I'm not well," she murmured, looking at him longingly.

"Querida," he said softly, caressing her. After a few moments, Morticia felt tired; her eyes slowly closed, even though she fought it briefly. "Sleep, my love. I'm not going anywhere. I promise."

Morticia sighed, getting as close to Gomez as she could; her body tightly pressed against his. "I love you..."

"I love you too, Tish," he whispered, kissing her head, wiping the tears that silently fell from her eyes. "Sleep now, sleep Tish."


A/N: hey all! So yeah, Vladimir is only telling a half truth. What it is, I'll reveal later on. I also had a hard time with how Wednesday knew what had happened to her mother, so if you have any ideas on how she knew I'm all ears.

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