Maybelle Annalynn Highmore

This story takes place in my very favorite, Victorian Era. Maybelle Annalynn Highmore is born into a high status, that she has must maintain. If she fails to do so, her family very well may be mocked, and fall into a day of distress. But the pressure of it all is so much how can one girl do this on her own? Her Ladyship Margaret Highmore and His Lordship Charles Highmore, says to marry may be wise, but certainly, Maybelle would not be able to choose for herself, and the pressure only worsens. Follow the story of Maybelle Highmore, and the pressure of being the daughter of a Lady, and a Lord.

Just a note. It's not all completely historically accurate. This is just a story I thought would be a fun change from my normal stories. I absolutely love the Victorian look, and the elegance, and the feeling it gives, so just bare with me please? Thanks lovelies!


2. Chapter #2 Anthony Ethel

"Mother, why are we getting fitted for dresses, if they will not even be done for weeks? We will not be able to wear them to tea tomorrow," I tell her, as a woman raps a measuring tape around my chest. I was getting tired to holds my arms up. "Yes I know. But it will give us something to talk about tomorrow. If there is anything women love to talk of at tea, it is new dresses," my mother laughs a bit. The woman rolls her eyes, and then measures my mothers chest, giving me a chance to put my arms down. "So we are only to get these dresses for conversation?" I ask her confused. "We have also been invited to a wedding in a few months time. These should be done just in time," she says. I nod my head. The woman comes back over to me, and measure me around the bust, then around my waist, then the length of my legs, and the length from my chest, to my hips. "Your are done ma'am," the woman says. I step off the short stool, and sit down on a chair. Then she goes over, and does the same to my mother. "Well, sense I have no further instructions for you about tomorrow, I think we should reopen the discussion of marriage," she says. "Unless to a man I am in love with, I refuse," I tell her. "Darling. Do you think I had any interest in your father? I neither loved him nor hated him. I married him because it is what my parents said I was to do. And look how happy we are now. I didn't start out by loving him, but it happened over time," she says. "I am not so willing as you to just allow myself to be bound with a stranger," I say. "There will be no protest. You will marry who we choose, for you are our child, and by law you must," she says. "I do not wish to speak of this. I know of no one you would choose for me to marry, therefor I will not marry soon. So there is no need to make me upset over something that isn't even going to happen yet," I say. She hesitated before she spoke, which worried me a bit. "I just want you to be prepared for when the time does come," she says. Something seemed to be going through her head. "May I please go visit the store across the street?" I ask her. "Yes. I need to have a word with our seamstress anyways so I may be awhile," she says. I nod my head, stand up, then leave the store. The streets seemed to be full of life today. Many people walking from store to store, a few carriages riding around, children chasing each other and playing games. I start walking across the street, when I look over and see a horse a horse running at me so fast I was no doubt to be trampled, with no time to move. All the sudden I feel myself getting pushed, and knocked to the ground, with someone on top of me. "I am sorry miss," A rather dashing man, who seemed to be in his early twenties, apologizes getting off me. "Are you alright?" he asks helping me to my feet. "I think so, thank you so very much. I thought for sure I was to be killed," I say, breathing a bit harder then usual. I brush myself off the best I can. "I could not let such a beautiful young lady such as yourself be trampled by a wild horse," he says. I blush a bit, but try my best not to. "Where on earth did it come from any how?" I ask, still trying to straighten my dress. "I do not know. But once I found out, I tend to have the man who brought it be arrested. That very dangerous," he says. "I must agree," I say. "Forgive me. But I did not ask of whom I had the honor of saving," he says. "Maybelle, of the Highmore household," I say, giving a small curtsy. "My lady," he bows. "And may I ask the name of my savior?" I ask. "Anthony, of the Ethel household," he says, bowing once again. "Your lordship, I am very sorry. If I would have known-," he cuts me off. "You would have what? Not let me save you?" he chuckles. I blush again, this time more so from embarrassment. "You were invited to tea with my mother tomorrow, yes?" he asks. "Indeed," I reply. "Well, until then my lady," he kisses my hand, and bows. I curtsy, and watch as he walks away. I pull out my fan, and gently flutter it, as I walk into the store. I look around, and see so many little things that most women would fall in love with easily. But mother has taught me, that even if I do love an idem, I mustn't  show it. "May I help you ma'am?" A lady asks. "No, I'm alright, thank you," I say. "It's Lady Highmore's daughter," I could hear one lady whisper to another. "She's so beautiful," she says to her friend. I decide there was nothing in the store I liked, and left. I couldn't stop thinking about Anthony, he was such a gentleman. I cross the road again, and go back to find my mother. "There you are. Are you ready to leave?" my mother asks. "Yes," I reply. She nods her head, and we go out to the carriage. The coachman helps us in, and closes the door. We were on our way back home. "See anything you liked in the store?" my mother asks me. "No. But while crossing the street I was nearly trampled by a wild horse, and Anthony Ethel saved me," I say. "Anthony Ethel? Lady Florence's son?" she asks. "Yes. And he is a rather charming young man," I smile. "Did you handle yourself properly?" she asks. "Of course," I say. "Good. And at least your alright. That is what matters most," she says. I nod my head.


(Once Back At The Highmore Estate)


We pull up, and the coachman helps us out. We go inside, and the maid Emily closes the door behind us. "Ah, your home. Good, I say we all go outside to the garden for tea," My father says. "Yes. Darling, may I speak with you alone for a moment?" my mother asks him. "Of course," he says a bit confused. "Go outside to garden Maybelle. We won't be long," my mother says. I nod my head, and go outside to the garden. Ever sense our discussion about marriage this morning, I've been a bit worried. What if they are planning something? No. They can not be, they would tell me, wouldn't they? I ask myself. Moments later, my parents come out, and we have tea as normal. Though I couldn't help but wonder if something was going on.

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