Dim Street Light

Some short vignettes/short stories I've written, they may turn into stories later, and may be exerts from some of my other books. All writing is mine.


3. If You Didn't Know Me

If you didn't know me, you'd think I was normal.

You wouldn't have guessed what colors flowed through my head

Only those I know, those that I let in, those I temporarily let down my guard for. Only they know why

Only they know why I have only shaped scars that I can't explain

Only they know why I cry alone at night

Why I wonder what couldn't been

What other things my eyes might have seen


These are the ones I trust to hold me close

To whisper to me

To keep my heart and secrets locked in the box that they shall never leave from

Only once had I let them free

Only that once

And I know I shouldn't have, but did I listen to my conscience? No

They lied

They betrayed

That hurt and took my innocence away

What did they leave me with oh what did they leave for me to scavenge?


Nothing but broken bones and bruise

Tears that made the sea and everything they touched red

Only then did I realize that I shouldn't have trusted them

And I should never trust another one again.

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