My Kind Of Perfect

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“You're my kind of perfect,” He whispered, a smile finding it's way across his face, “Tell me you'll marry me someday.”
She let out a laugh, “You're crazy.”
“Nuh uh,” He shook his head, placing a light kiss on her lips, “I just know you're the one I wanna spend my life with.”
“You may not feel that way after a few months of us knowing each other,” She smirked.
“Impossible,” He kissed her chin, “I've never fallen this fast for anyone in my life and I just know that even in 20 years, I'm still gonna want you.”
“We'll talk about that when you've known me more than 20 DAYS,” She chuckled and leaned up to kiss him.


6. Chapter 6

“So, was he suspicious?” Justin asked. They'd just arrived in Seattle and were getting settled into their hotel.

“Not really,” Krystal shrugged, “I just told him that you had a couple business meetings up here and wanted me to come with.” They were talking about Aaron.

“I'm actually really surprised you didn't tell him about me,” He watched her intently.

“I didn't want you to get mad and it's really not my secret to tell,” She shrugged.

“I wouldn't be mad at you, Baby,” He stood from the bed and made his way to her, wrapping his arms around her from behind as she touched up her makeup in the mirror, “But I do appreciate you keeping my secret. It's just another reason for me to fall a little bit harder for you.” He leaned down, placing a kiss on her exposed shoulder.

“I need to find something to do while you go handle your business,” She sighed.

“You don't wanna come?” He met her gaze through the mirror.

She shrugged again, “I wasn't sure if it was safe or if you even wanted me to come.”

“Of course I want you to come, Baby. I told you, I don't wanna be away from you,” He squeezed her waist a little tighter, “You'll always be safe with me.”

“Do you have like, a headquarters here or something?” She wondered.

“I do,” He nodded with a smile, “It's more of a hide-out, but it's a huge warehouse and that's where we store our...products.”

“Do I wanna know anything about this product you speak of?” She chuckled.

“It's everything from Guns to Drugs,” It was his turn to shrug, “We don't usually go out into the street and sell, but a lot of other gangs come to us to purchase their needed items and then they go out and sell them.”

“What kind of drugs?” She wondered.

“Pretty much everything,” He informed, “I have a lot of it imported from other places around the world that certain gangs wouldn't have access to if they didn't go through us.”

“Perks to being Justin Bieber, I suppose,” She chuckled. There was a part of him that couldn't believe how cool she was being about all of this, but the other part of him knew that she would be.

“Why are you so perfect?” He asked, staring at her.

“I am far from perfect, Boo,” She chuckled and packed up her makeup, having finished touching it up.

“Not from where I'm standing,” He whispered, still studying her in the mirror. He realized in that moment that no matter how soon it seemed, he was falling head over heels in love with this beautiful woman standing before him. His fear kicked in and he had to take a deep breath to stop himself from panicking. He knew that he was already letting this woman in too deep and it could end up destroying him, but he wasn't sure he could walk away now, even if he wanted to. And at this precise moment, he knew deep down that he didn't want to.

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