My Kind Of Perfect

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“You're my kind of perfect,” He whispered, a smile finding it's way across his face, “Tell me you'll marry me someday.”
She let out a laugh, “You're crazy.”
“Nuh uh,” He shook his head, placing a light kiss on her lips, “I just know you're the one I wanna spend my life with.”
“You may not feel that way after a few months of us knowing each other,” She smirked.
“Impossible,” He kissed her chin, “I've never fallen this fast for anyone in my life and I just know that even in 20 years, I'm still gonna want you.”
“We'll talk about that when you've known me more than 20 DAYS,” She chuckled and leaned up to kiss him.


32. Chapter 32

“You just sit there and look pretty,” Lauren spoke to Krystal. Pattie, Angel, Courtney, Lauren and Krystal were in the kitchen working on Christmas dinner while Aaron, Corey, Justin and Nick were in Justin's game-room downstairs. Krystal and Justin had spent Christmas Eve alone last night, exchanging gifts that they'd gotten for each other and just enjoying their company. Today, everyone was meeting up for Christmas dinner at Justin's.

“That's about all I'm good at,” Krystal chuckled.

“Plus you don't need to be on your feet,” Angel chimed in, “So, the wedding's on the 11th?”

“Yes and I really want you guys to come,” Krystal was referring to Angel and Lauren and their husbands.

“Of course we'll be there,” Angel cocked an eyebrow at Krystal, “I still can't get over the fact that you're marrying Justin Bieber and having his child.”

Krystal laughed, “It's a little shocking to me too.”

“To be honest, I always figured you and Aaron would end up together, but that was before he met Courtney,” Angel smiled in Courtney's direction.

“Please, No,” Krystal chuckled, “We'd end up killing each other. Besides, him and Courtney are meant to be. And regardless of whether or not it's meant to be, I'm marrying Justin.” She joked.

“Oh you know y'all are meant to be,” Courtney spoke twangily, “I can tell how much that boy loves you by the way he looks at you. It's like you're the only thing he sees when you walk into a room.”

Krystal smiled, “I really do love him and I'm happy we're getting married.”

“I can see in your eyes that you really do,” Lauren smiled as she continued to cut up the salad, “I'm happy for you. You deserve it.”

“You do, K,” Angel chimed in, “He's so much better for you than that douchebag you left back in Wisconsin. I'm so glad you got out of that situation. You deserve the best and he definitely wasn't that.”

“Justin treats me amazing. It's a complete 180 from how Darion used to treat me. I never knew there were even guys out there like Justin, but it feels so wonderful to feel wanted and it's nice to feel like I'm loved just as much as I love him. I always used to think that there was always one person in every relationship that loves more than the other, but with Justin, I don't feel that way. I feel like we're equal and I just feel at home with him,” Krystal explained, “Not to mention how tolerant he is when I freak out. It's almost cute.”

“It's amazing, isn't it?” Angel smiled, “I never had that before Corey either, but it really is the best feeling in the world.”

“I just hope that I can continue to make him happy,” Krystal frowned, “And I hope that I can give him the babies he wants. I mean, things are going well so far and the baby's perfect, but I just don't want anything to go horribly wrong. I'm seeing the doctor every 2 weeks though, so I'm being closely monitored.”

“I'm sure everything's gonna be fine,” Pattie reassured, “I have a good feeling about it.”

“You raised an amazing man, Pattie,” Krystal smiled at her soon-to-be mother-in-law.

“I did my best as a single parent,” Pattie smiled, “I'm so proud of the man he's become and now you two are giving me a grand-baby! I'm so excited I can barely stand it!”


“This is still really weird to me, man,” Nick was referring to the fact that he was having Christmas dinner at Justin Bieber's house. They were currently playing teams in pool and Nick was on Corey's team.

“It's really not that weird,” Justin laughed.

“I'm still surprised that your so in love with our Krystal,” Nick shook his head in disbelief.

“Technically, she's his Krystal now,” Aaron interjected with a laugh.

“She's the most amazing woman I've ever met,” Justin smiled as he thought of her, “I'm beyond blessed that she loves me too.”

“She is a pretty great woman,” Nick agreed, “Just know, if you ever hurt her, we'll kill you.”

“I'd never hurt her,” Justin shook his head, “I love her too much.”

“So, when are you and Courtney getting married, Aaron?” Corey wondered.

“I have no clue,” Aaron shrugged, “We've talked about it, but it just never seems like the right time. I mean, she's got everything planned, we just haven't decided on a date yet. It'll definitely be this coming year sometime though.”

“Don't you think it's about time you guys stopped stalling? Krystal and I haven't even been together a year yet and we're getting married,” Justin teased.

“She's also pregnant with your child and the public caught y'all doin' it in your pool,” Aaron reminded with a smirk.

“What can I say?” Justin shrugged, “I'm in love with her and trying to resist her is a lot like a crackhead trying to resist crack.”

“That's a pretty strong analogy there, Bro,” Aaron chuckled.

“If it wasn't true, I wouldn't say it.”

“How is she doing, anyway? I mean, she seems fine on the outside, but sometimes I catch her with this terrified look on her face. She's says it's nothing and won't talk to me about it, but I know my best friend,” Aaron frowned.

“She's worried,” Justin nodded, “She had a melt-down a couple weeks ago and admitted to me that she was afraid her body wouldn't do it's job and carry the baby, but we're praying and keeping the faith. So far, both her and baby are perfect and they said once we get past the first trimester, it's less likely that she'll miscarry. We've got appointments set for every 2 weeks, just to be sure then the further along she gets, the more frequent the appointments will get to make sure her cervix is holding up.”

“I've been praying too,” Aaron informed, “I worry about her.”

“She'll be fine,” Justin smiled, knowing that Aaron really DID worry about her, “I have faith that God's gonna pull us through this and give us an amazing future together.” Angel called them to dinner at that point and they put down their pool cues, making their way upstairs to the dining room. Everyone took a seat at the table and a prayer was said before they began to eat.

“This food is amazing,” Justin spoke, “Thank you so much for cooking it.”

“It was good to have some help this year,” Pattie smiled at the group, “Your wife claims she's not a very good cook though, Justin. You should probably spend some time taking lessons from me so the two of you don't starve.” Everyone at the table laughed.

“I'm slowly learning,” Justin defended himself, “Besides, we can always order take-out or I can hire a chef if it gets too crazy.”

“Now THAT is one of the best ideas you've ever had,” Krystal smirked, “I'd rather shoot off my own foot than have to cook every day.”

“Well, you're gonna need someone to cook once you bring that baby into this world,” Pattie took a bite of her turkey.

“We're gonna talk about this hiring a chef thing later, Babe,” Krystal looked at Justin.

“Okay,” He chuckled, squeezing her thigh under the table before returning to his food.

“So, have you found your dress yet?” Lauren wondered.

“I have and it's seriously the most beautiful dress I've ever seen,” Krystal smiled as she thought about it, “It's at Aaron's for safe keeping because I don't want Mr. Nosey to see it before the wedding.”

“I'm not nosy,” Justin argued.

“Yes you are,” Pattie called her son out.

“Is this pick on Justin night or something?” He asked with a smirk.

“You poor baby,” Krystal teased, leaning over and kissing his cheek, “I still love you, Boo. Even if you are nosy.”

“By the way, Babe,” Lauren looked at Nick, “We're going to the wedding.”

“We are too,” Angel stated to Corey, “It's on the 11th at this beautiful resort in the Carribean.”

“She picked out the most beautiful bridesmaid dress too,” Courtney gushed, “It's something I'd wear even if I wasn't in a wedding.”

“What are the colors?” Pattie realized that they hadn't talked about it.

“Black, White, Silver and a deep maroon-ish color,” Krystal informed, “The only color will be the flowers. The dress is black and white with silver sparkles under the breast and a handkerchief hem. It's just gorgeous. Then the guys will have the same silver sparkle on their cummerbunds.”

“Are you sure you'll be able to fly?” Lauren wondered.

“The doc says it's fine,” Justin answered, “Obviously she won't be able to travel once we hit the third trimester, but we'll be pretty much outta the woods by the 11th.”

“Is your father coming?” Pattie wondered.

“Yeah,” Justin nodded, “The kids are actually gonna be the miniature bride and groom for the wedding.”

“Good. I really hope he shows,” Pattie wasn't much of a fan of Jeremy because he'd flaked on Justin so many times growing up. She prayed that he wouldn't disappoint their son on his wedding day, but her expectation of him showing up was minimal.

“I don't think he'd miss this,” Krystal frowned, realizing that the possibility of him not showing could actually become a reality. The last thing she wanted was to see Justin hurt over his father and his siblings missing his wedding.

“Is this just gonna be a small ceremony?” Angel wondered, sensing the energy shift and wanting to change the subject.

“Yeah, just us and Justin's family,” Krystal nodded, “I don't want anything big.”

“Who's gonna walk you down the aisle?” Nick wondered, knowing that her family had been dead for some time.

“I was actually gonna ask Aaron,” Krystal met Aaron's gaze across the table.

Tears welled up in his eyes before he spoke, “I'd be honored.”

She offered a smile and a nod, silently speaking to him, “Good. Thank you.”

Aaron grabbed his napkin and dabbed the side of his eye, “Got something in my eye.”

“Sure you do, honey,” Courtney laughed and patted him on the shoulder. Everyone laughed and went back to their dinners and various conversations around the room.

Justin pulled Krystal towards him, kissing her cheek while everyone else was busy in their respective conversations with one another, “I love you,” He whispered.

She smiled and met his gaze, “I love you more.”

A genuine smile found it way across his lips, “This is the start of everything,” He looked around the table at all the occupants before meeting her gaze again, “This is family. This is where I belong.”

She got tears her in her eyes as her pregnancy emotions got the best of her, “You'll always belong with me, Baby.”

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