My Kind Of Perfect

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“You're my kind of perfect,” He whispered, a smile finding it's way across his face, “Tell me you'll marry me someday.”
She let out a laugh, “You're crazy.”
“Nuh uh,” He shook his head, placing a light kiss on her lips, “I just know you're the one I wanna spend my life with.”
“You may not feel that way after a few months of us knowing each other,” She smirked.
“Impossible,” He kissed her chin, “I've never fallen this fast for anyone in my life and I just know that even in 20 years, I'm still gonna want you.”
“We'll talk about that when you've known me more than 20 DAYS,” She chuckled and leaned up to kiss him.


31. Chapter 31

Justin awoke the next morning to the sound of Krystal throwing up in the bathroom. He quickly got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom, pushing the already ajar door open further and entering. He quickly grabbed a wash cloth and wet it with cool water before kneeling beside her and pulling her hair back as she threw up. Once she finished, she flushed the toilet and leaned back against the cupboard as he placed the cool cloth across her forehead.

“Thank you,” She whispered.

“Of course, Baby,” He stared at her for a moment, noticing the pale look on her face, “Is it just the morning sickness?”

“Yeah,” She breathed, “Which is kind of an oxymoron considering it has a tendency to last all damn day.”

He chuckled, “I'm sorry, Princess.”

“We need to talk about last night,” She had her eyes closed, her head leaning back against the cupboard.

“I'm sorry I got so drunk,” He frowned as the memory of the things he'd said floated back to him, “I really didn't mean all of that.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him without making too many movements, “You obviously did on some level, Jay. Drunk words are usually sober thoughts.”

“I-I just,” He slid down the wall and let out a large sigh before continuing, “I guess, I just feel like since we found out you were pregnant, you resent me or something because you've been acting so different. You're not nearly as into me as you used to be and I guess I just feel like maybe you're not as in love with me as you thought or something. I feel like all we do is fight. Like, I'm constantly doing something to make you angry and you're just getting closer and closer to actually leaving. That thought terrifies me.”

“That couldn't be further from the truth, Baby,” She lifted her head off the cupboard and held his gaze to show her sincerity, “I know we're fighting all the time and I'm so sorry that I've been acting different. I am just trying to process everything and I guess this is always so much on my mind that I'm oblivious to a lot of other things. I never meant to make you feel neglected or like I wasn't in love with you because that is definitely not the case. I don't resent you. You haven't done anything to make me resent you. I'm just worried. As much as I play it off, I really am worried that I'm not gonna be able to carry this baby and something will happen. I want nothing more than to marry you and have your babies and be together forever, but I don't want my body to prevent that. It's a huge possibility that my two thirds of a cervix is not strong enough to carry this baby and I don't want anything to happen because of it. I'm constantly on edge and as stupid as it sounds, sometimes I'm even afraid to stand up or walk because I don't want our baby to come tumbling out of my cervix. I know how dumb that sounds and how unlikely it is, but the possibility is there that I may actually need to have this baby tied into my uterus. I feel so damaged and I just wanna be able to do this one thing the right way. For once, I want my body to do what it's supposed to do and give you the baby you deserve.”

He moved from the wall across from her and leaned against the cupboards next to her, taking her hand in his and interlocking their fingers, “Why didn't you tell me you were so worried about this, Baby?”

“Haven't you learned yet that it takes a lot for me to let my feelings out?” She cracked a small smile.

“I know,” He nodded, “But this is something that we need to worry about together. If you're really spending all this extra energy worrying about this and stressing about this, then these are the things you need to share with me because like you said to me months ago, you can put some of the burden on me. That's what I'm here for. I also know, that the only thing that's gonna get us through any of this, is if we have faith that God's gonna take care of us and know that he already has a plan for us. He's never gonna give us anymore than we can handle and whatever is meant to happen, is gonna happen regardless. No amount of worrying or stressing is gonna change that.”

“I know, you're right,” She agreed, “It's just not that easy. I'm so afraid that I'm gonna do something wrong and ruin everything. I know I shouldn't be stressing because that's not healthy either, but I literally check the toilet every time I pee for blood because I'm so afraid of something going wrong.”

“You just gotta relax, Baby,” He let out a breath, “I know it's easier said than done, but I'll do anything to help you. I will pray with you every time you have anxiety about it if that'll help. I just want you and us to be okay. We're supposed to be enjoying each other and excited about bringing a life into this world together, but you stressing about things makes it really hard for that to happen. Obviously, it's something you're stressing about more than I am, but I pray every day that everything will be perfect and exactly the way it's supposed to be and I have faith that God's gonna come through for us. I feel a peace about it.”

“I wish I felt that peace,” She sighed, “I just can't help it.”

“Then you need to get your mind off of it,” He suggested, “It's the 8th today. We're getting married in 35 days. We really need to start planning the wedding. So, instead of constantly worrying, how about we focus on planning that and making that perfect. By the time we get married, you'll be 13 weeks and past the first trimester. At that point, the odds of miscarriage go down significantly and we have appointments set every 2 weeks to see whether or not we have to take measures to keep the baby baking as long as possible. They're watching you close, Baby. I really don't think there's anything to worry about.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder, “And in the mean time, I'll stop being such a crabby bitch and lean on you a little more because the last thing I want in this world is to lose you.”

“I'd appreciate you leaning on me a bit more,” He chuckled, “As hard as it is, Babe, we're in this together. Please trust me some more and put some of the burden on me. You're not doing this alone, so, stop worrying alone.”

“I hate fighting with you,” She moved her chin to his shoulder, staring at his pronounced jawbone, “It's the dumbest thing in the world.”

“It is,” He turned his head, placing a kiss on her nose and then pecking her lips, “From here on out, instead of fighting, if something's bothering one of us, let's talk about it instead of letting it fester until we blow up, Okay?”

“Okay,” She smiled, “I love you, Justin Drew.”

He mimicked her smile, “I love you more, Krystal Laine.”

“I can't wait to marry you.”

“I can't wait to marry you either, Princess,” He brought her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckles, “Is Courtney gonna help you with the wedding or should we get a wedding planner? I don't want you stressing too much.”

“I dunno,” She made a face, “It'd probably be easier if we had someone plan it. That way we could just tell them what we want and not have to worry about all the minuscule details.”

“I'll be right back,” He stood quickly, running into the bedroom to grab his phone off the nightstand before returning to his spot on the floor next to her. He immediately brought up google and searched for a good wedding planner in the LA area. He found one that was rated with 5 stars and immediately dialed the number.

Krystal listened intently to his conversation, “Hello, yes, I'm looking for a Wendy Wallace please.”

“Yes, this is Wendy, how can I help you?” The voice on the other end spoke.

“Hi, Wendy,” He slipped into his celebrity mode as he spoke, “My name is Justin Bieber and I just found your name on google. My fiance and I are looking for someone to help carry out our vision for our wedding and were wondering if we could meet with you.”

“Wow, I must admit, I'm a little taken aback, Mr. Bieber, I've done celebrity weddings in the past, but I've never worked for someone I'm a huge fan of. I would be honored if you let me plan your wedding. When can we meet?”

“Does this afternoon work for you? We have a specific date in mind and want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible,” he explained.

“Absolutely. What time works best for you?”

“How does 2pm sound?” He quickly glanced at the time, noting it was 11am and mentally calculating how much time he'd have to draw up a confidentiality agreement.

“That is perfect. Do you need directions or do you know where I'm located?”

“The google ad actually has your office address, so we'll just GPS it. We really appreciate you making this happen on such short notice.”

“Oh of course!” She was cheery and the smile was evident in her voice, “I will see you and your fiance at 2pm then, Mr. Bieber.”

“We'll be there. Thanks, again, Wendy.” He ended the call and placed the phone on the counter above their heads, “We're meeting her at 2 at her office.”

“Good,” She smiled, “I'm excited.”

“Me too, Baby,” He leaned over and kissed her cheek, “I gotta have my lawyer draw up a confidentiality agreement quick. I don't want her running her mouth to the media or tabloids and having them show up at the wedding.”

“Okay,” She nodded, “I think you should draw up a pre-nup for me to sign, too.”

“What?” He gave her a confused frown, “Where is this coming from?”

She shrugged, “I just think it's a good idea. I mean, if we ever get divorced, God forbid, I don't wanna walk away with half of what you have. I'd just feel better if we had that legally binding document. You've worked hard for your money and it's not that I think we'll ever get divorced, but I just don't want anything to jeopardize everything you've worked so hard for. I don't ever want anyone to think I'm in this for the money or the fame and I feel like a pre-nup would prove that.”

“I don't need you to prove that to me, Babe. I already know you're not,” He studied her, unable to believe how amazing she was.

“Well, I'm glad that you know that, but I don't want anyone else to ever question that either,” She licked her lips, “It may sound stupid to you, but it's something I feel strongly about. All it is, is a piece of paper saying that I leave with nothing more than I bring to this marriage. Please?”

“I guess, if it'll make you happy,” He cocked an eyebrow at her, “It doesn't really matter though, because once we get married we are never getting divorced. No matter what.”

She smiled, “Good. Thank you.”


“Okay, so, we've gone over location, guest list, cake and music. Oh, and flowers,” Wendy spoke, glancing down at her notes. Krystal and Justin had been at her office for the last 2 hours, getting everything set for the wedding. “We still need to discuss the wedding party and what we're gonna do about clothing.”

“Well,” Krystal began, “I want Aaron and Courtney to be my brides-people, but I want Aaron to walk me down the aisle as well. We also want Justin's little brother and sister to be the miniature bride and groom. That leaves the groomsman,” She looked at him.

“I'll probably just have Good as a best man then,” He shrugged, “That way he can walk down with Courtney.”

“Okay, perfect,” Wendy wrote down the names.

“I'm going shopping next week with Courtney for dresses,” Krystal informed, “So, we'll handle the dresses at that point, but we're also gonna need tuxes.”

“I'll fly Good in next week and him, Aaron and I can go get our tuxes fit, and I'll have Dad bring the kids down,” Justin spoke up, “We're gonna need a shit ton of security though.”

“Security,” Wendy nodded, “Is there a specific company you wanna go through?”

With a frown, Justin spoke, “I'll actually handle that. I have specific things that need to be handled, so, I'll be flying in a few of my crew.”

“Now, for the reception, you said you wanted it at an outside tiki-bar, is there a specific place in the Carribean we're looking for that? I can get a few pictures together of what we're looking for and you can choose what looks best to you.”

“That works for me,” Krystal nodded.

“Perfect. What kind of music do you want?”

“I'll handle that too,” He smiled.

“Of course,” Wendy smiled, embarrassed with herself for forgetting who she was dealing with, “So, January 11th, 2018 is the date.” She spoke aloud to herself as she wrote the date into her calendar, “I think we've covered everything. I will get working on this immediately. Are there any other questions that you have for me?”

“I think we're good,” He nodded, “As long as the agreement is followed, we'll be great.”

“My lips are sealed,” Wendy made an 'X' over her heart, “I'll be using the alias to contact the companies that we'll need to use to make this the best day of your lives.”

“Thank you so much for your help,” Krystal offered her a warm smile, her hand resting protectively on her stomach.

“Thank YOU for choosing me to do your wedding,” Wendy responded, standing with Krystal and Justin to shake their hands, “It's been an honor to meet you both and I look forward to providing you the wedding of your dreams.”

“Thanks, Wendy,” Justin flashed her a grin, “You have a great afternoon and we'll be talking to you soon.”

“You both do the same,” Wendy smiled and waited until they exited the office to return to her seat.

“I'm excited and I feel like a load has been lifted off of my shoulders,” Krystal admitted as they got into Justin's car.

“I'm glad, Babe,” He started the car and reached over to take her hand, “I'm excited too. How's your nausea?”

“I'm good right now,” She smiled, “It comes and goes throughout the day, but right now, I'm not nauseous at all. So, we should probably get something to eat before I start feeling sick again.”

“What are you in the mood for?” He glanced at her and then back towards the road.

“An In-N-Out burger and some steamed vegetables,” She chuckled.

“That's a weird request,” He cocked an eyebrow at her as he smiled.

“What can I say? I'm pregnant,” She offered him a cheesy grin.

“I think we'll probably have to steam our own veggies, cause I'm not sure any place sells them that way,” He thought aloud.

She leaned close to him, batting her eyelashes, “Will you please steam me some veggies, Baby?”

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