My Kind Of Perfect

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“You're my kind of perfect,” He whispered, a smile finding it's way across his face, “Tell me you'll marry me someday.”
She let out a laugh, “You're crazy.”
“Nuh uh,” He shook his head, placing a light kiss on her lips, “I just know you're the one I wanna spend my life with.”
“You may not feel that way after a few months of us knowing each other,” She smirked.
“Impossible,” He kissed her chin, “I've never fallen this fast for anyone in my life and I just know that even in 20 years, I'm still gonna want you.”
“We'll talk about that when you've known me more than 20 DAYS,” She chuckled and leaned up to kiss him.


26. Chapter 26

“So, this is the last one,” Good spoke to his 3 friends. It had been nearly 3 weeks since the incident with Justin and the guys had agreed to finish off the last 9 gang leaders by themselves, “One more kill and the mission is complete.”

“We've been fairly successful, if I do say so myself,” Butler nodded once, “Members all over the US and Canada are pledging their allegiance with us just to protect themselves and their families.”

“It was a pretty ingenious plan,” Chaz let a small smile make it's way across his face, “Our numbers are growing by the day.”

“We still can't trust them all,” Justin threw in, “They're aligning with us to protect themselves, sure, but they flipped so quick that their loyalty isn't true. From here on out, I want everything kept secret. Even from the newest members. I don't want them knowing a thing unless we're absolutely positive that they're trustworthy.”

“Obviously they'll have to prove their loyalties,” Good spoke with a frown, “I've got Damon working with all the new members and initiating them to the best of his abilities.”

“Good,” Justin nodded, “I want everyone to remember who I am and who they're dealing with. I never want to have to do another mission like this one.”

“It's been tough,” Butler agreed, “But one more and we're finished.”

“And they've all realized who they're messing with,” Chaz had a satisfactory smile on his face, “No one will ever say you've gone soft again, JB.”

“Let's hope not,” Justin spoke, “I just want to be able to live my life with Krystal and not ever have to worry about people coming after us again.”

“I don't think that'll be a problem,” Good shook his head, “We've taught them all a lesson. No one would be stupid enough to ever come after you again.”

“So, now that the mission's almost over, when's the wedding?” Chaz wondered.

“We haven't really set a date yet,” Justin frowned, “We wanted to get the mission over and done with so we wouldn't have to worry about anything. Now that it's almost over, I guess we should start talking about it.”

“Has she met your family yet?” Good questioned.

“She's met my Mom, but she hasn't met Dad or the kids yet. I was thinking I'd take her to Canada for Thanksgiving. She doesn't know yet though,” Justin ran a hand through his hair.

“Well, JB, the end of the tour is next week and Thanksgiving is a week after that, you might wanna let her in on the plan in case she plans on doing something else,” Butler threw in.

Justin nodded, “You're right. I'm gonna go talk to her now.” He stood and made his way out of the hotel room that Chaz, Butler and Good were sharing and down the hallway towards the room he was sharing with her. He put the key in and entered.

“Hey you,” Krystal smiled warmly as she packed up her makeup.

“Hey, Baby,” He made his way behind her, returning her smile and wrapping his arms around her, “Whatcha doin'?”

“I was just finishing my makeup,” She informed, putting down the items she was holding and linking her fingers with his around her waist.

“I've been meaning to ask you, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?” He placed a kiss on her shoulder.

“Probably nothing,” She shrugged, “I haven't really celebrated the holidays much since my family died. Aaron's usually trying to get me to do something, but I just prefer to stay home.”

“This year, you're coming with me to Canada,” He said softly, “And I don't wanna hear you say 'No'.”

A small smile made it's way across her face as she looked into his eyes through the mirror, nodding once, “Okay.”

“You're really not gonna fight me on it?” He asked with a small smirk.

“No,” She shook her head, “If this is for real and we're in this forever, spending holidays together is just a part of that. We might as well start now.”

“You're so fucking perfect,” He whispered against her skin, “I can't wait to marry you and spend forever with you. One more, Baby. One more and we'll never have to worry about that life again.”

“Unless someone thinks they can beat you and tries to get revenge,” She sighed.

“I doubt that'll happen, my love, but if it does, then we'll deal with it when it happens. Right now, I just want tonight to go smoothly so we can start planning the wedding and get on with our lives.”

“Yeah,” She forced a smile, “That'll be nice.”

He took her hand, leading her over towards the bed in their room as they both sat down, “Let's start now. Tell me about your dream wedding.”

She let out a sigh, “I, honestly, don't really want anything big and fancy, Babe, but I'm okay with whatever you wanna do. It's your wedding too.”

He let a frown cross his features, “Didn't you have your wedding planned out when you were a kid? Didn't you dream about exactly what you'd want?”

“I did,” She nodded, “But it doesn't really matter anymore because my family's not around to celebrate it with me.”

He leaned back, pulling her into his arms, “Okay,” He spoke softly, “If I could give you the perfect wedding, what would it be?”

She thought quietly for a moment, “Probably just us and your family and Aaron and Courtney on a beach somewhere where it's warm and the clear, blue ocean is just a few feet away. I'd be wearing a beautiful dress and you'd be dressed in a tux, but we'd be barefoot, because of the sand. Then we'd have a little reception at one of those out-door tiki-hut-bar things,” She shrugged, “It's just a revised version of what I used to want, but I'd be happy eloping in Vegas now.”

“No,” He was still frowning, “I want it to be the best day of your life. I want everything to be absolutely perfect for you. Vegas is not an option.”

“It will be the best day of my life, Babe. As long as I'm marrying you, the rest of it doesn't matter,” She snuggled in a little closer to him, “I mean, I don't even have bridesmaids. I have Aaron and I have Courtney. I guess if I asked Angel, she'd do it, but she'd have to fly in from Florida. You think Aaron will wanna be a bridesmaid?” She chuckled.

“I'm sure he'd be whatever you asked him to be, Sweetheart,” Justin smiled, “I don't think he'd wear a dress though.”

“When do you wanna get married?” She wondered, “We'll have a lot coming up with the holidays, so it'd probably be better to do it next year sometime.”

“The sooner the better, Princess. I can't wait to call you my wife,” He kissed the top of her head, “How about January or February? That way, it'll just be the perfect time of year.”

“January 11th?” She smiled up at him.

“Perfect,” He nodded his agreement.

“I like it, cause it's a triple number,” She explained, “And you know how superstitious I am.”

He let out a chuckle, “Whatever makes you happy, Baby.” He wasn't a superstitious person, but he had to admit that he'd seen things that had him a little less skeptical since meeting Krystal.

“So, we're heading to Canada when we get home,” She spoke, “I really hope your family likes me, Jay. Especially your brother and sister. I know how much they mean to you.”

“They're gonna love you, Babe,” He smiled and tightened his hold on her, “I promise. They'll love you just as much as I do.”

“I don't know about THAT,” She let out a laugh, “But I really hope so.”

“They'll love you. They're good judges of character and they'll immediately see how happy you've made me,” He stroked her hair, brushing it out of her face, “My Dad can get a little out of hand every once in awhile, but I have no doubts that he'll love you.”

“What do you mean 'out of hand'?” She gave him a skeptical look.

“When he has a little too much to drink he likes to pick fights with me sometimes, is all,” He shrugged, “It's no big deal. I've been handling it for years.”

“We'll just have to make sure he doesn't have too much to drink,” She licked her lips, “And he's definitely not allowed to drink at the wedding.”

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