My Kind Of Perfect

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“You're my kind of perfect,” He whispered, a smile finding it's way across his face, “Tell me you'll marry me someday.”
She let out a laugh, “You're crazy.”
“Nuh uh,” He shook his head, placing a light kiss on her lips, “I just know you're the one I wanna spend my life with.”
“You may not feel that way after a few months of us knowing each other,” She smirked.
“Impossible,” He kissed her chin, “I've never fallen this fast for anyone in my life and I just know that even in 20 years, I'm still gonna want you.”
“We'll talk about that when you've known me more than 20 DAYS,” She chuckled and leaned up to kiss him.


18. Chapter 18

1 month later

“So, how's life been treating you, Man?” Ryan Seacrest asked. Justin was doing radio interviews as his album was going to be released in a few days.

“Life is treating me amazing,” Justin smiled warmly as he met her gaze across the room. Krystal was standing against the back wall, having agreed to accompany Justin on his interviews.

“You're engaged now. How's that going?”

“It seriously gets better every single day. Things are just so easy with her. She's my best friend and we rarely ever fight. I really don't know how I got this lucky, but she seems to get more amazing every day,” Justin explained, “I can't wait to officially make her my wife.”

“Have you set a date for the wedding yet?”

“Not yet,” Justin shook his head, “We've been throwing around a couple ideas, but once we decide we'll probably keep it a secret. We just want a small ceremony with a few friends and family.”

“Congratulations, Bro,” Ryan offered Justin a smile, “You seem really happy. I'm glad you found the girl of your dreams.”

“Thank you!” Justin returned his smile, “It's amazing. I, honestly, wouldn't change anything about my life right now.”

“What kind of response have you gotten from the fans about the video and the announcement of the engagement?”

“Surprisingly, a lot of them have been really supportive. Of course, there's always that handful of people who don't approve or who have something negative to say, but we've just really been concentrating on the positive. Krystal's never really been a fan of the spotlight, but it's definitely a lot easier for her when there's so much positive energy flowing from the fans. I think, at the end of the day, most of them just want me happy and they see that she's been the one making me happy lately.”

“That's good to hear. A lot of times the negative comments get to be a lot for someone who's not in the business.”

“She's actually been friends with Aaron Carter for a few years, so she pretty much understands and knows what to expect when it comes to being with me,” Justin ran a hand through his hair.

“What kind of music can we expect to hear on the new album?”

“Definitely something different. A couple years ago, I released 'Purpose' and that really hit home for me. This album is along the same lines. It's based on my life and the things I go through in day to day life. I worked with some amazing people and I'm just mad excited for everyone to hear it.”

“And a couple weeks after the release, you'll be heading out on tour,” Ryan spoke, “What can the fans expect to see in your shows now that you've matured?”

“It's still gonna be an awesome show. We've got a couple things up our sleeves as far as the performances go, but the fans can expect to have a good time and listen to great music. Tickets for my first show here in LA actually go on sale the day my album comes out,” Justin licked his lips and glanced at Krystal, checking to make sure she was okay.

“Do you plan on bringing your fiance out on the road? I'm sure there are a few fans out there that wanna meet her,” Ryan glanced at Krystal, taking in her beauty.

“Well, it's not official yet, I still gotta do some begging,” Justin let out a soft laugh, “But hopefully I can convince her to come with me. We've pretty much been inseparable since we met, so I don't know how well I'd do without having her on the road with me.”

“I gotta say, even though our listeners can't see her, she's a real beauty,” Ryan was talking about Krystal.

“She is,” Justin frowned at the fact that Ryan was checking her out, “She's gorgeous. I'm very lucky.” The interview continued for the next 10 minutes and once it ended, they headed out of the radio station and into the limo that was waiting to take them to their next destination.

“I thought you were gonna kill him,” Krystal chuckled as she looked at Justin.

“I wanted to,” He let out a soft laugh, “But I guess I can't blame him for looking. You are always the most beautiful woman in any room.”

“I love you,” She sighed, smiling and leaning up against him as his arm went around her.

“I love you more, Princess,” He kissed the top of her head, “I don't think I thanked you for coming with me. So, thank you.”

“I didn't wanna be away from you,” She turned her head slighlty and kissed his neck, “Besides, it's really interesting to see you put on your celebrity face.”

“Have you decided if you're gonna come on tour with me?” He asked softly.

“Not yet,” She shook her head, “I do know that I don't wanna be away from you though.”

“I don't wanna be away from you either, Baby. That's why I really hope you'll decide to come. It'll be busy and hectic and at times, a little crazy, but you'll have an awesome time and we won't have to be away from each other,” He'd spent the better part of the last 2 weeks trying to convince her to come.

“I'm old though, Babe,” She sighed, “I need my sleep or I get very cranky and very sick.”

He chuckled, “You're not old, my love. And if you're tired, you can either sleep on the bus while we travel or stay back at the hotel and sleep during some of the shows. I want you with me so I can show you off. Please?”

She let out another deep breath, “Fine, I'll come, but I'm not promising I'll stay for the entire tour. It'll be nice to see the world, but if it's too much for me, I get to come home.”

“Deal,” He smiled happily and pulled her into a one-armed hug, “I love you.”

“I love YOU,” she leaned up, placing a kiss on his lips as the limo pulled into the under garage of the next studio where Justin would be having yet another radio interview. They got out and headed inside, Justin holding tightly onto Krystal's hand. They reached the studio and the interview immediately began, full swing.

“I'm sure you've been asked about this a thousand times already, but tell us about your mysterious fiance. What made you decide she was the one?” Mo Bounce asked, glancing in Krystal's direction. For this interview, they had gotten her a chair to sit beside Justin as he answered questions. Justin held her hand tightly underneath the table.

“Well, as you can see,” He glanced over at her with a smile, “She's absolutely beautiful. She's truly beautiful inside too. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world that she chose me to spend her life with.”

“And have you set a date for the wedding yet?”

“Not yet,” Justin shook his head, “We just wanna enjoy being engaged to each other for awhile before we finally take that step. It won't be too far off though,” Justin smiled and turned his attention back to the DJ.

“I gotta ask, man, what was up with the video?”

Both Justin and Krystal's faces flushed a crimson red, “That was a really intimate moment between us that never should've been caught on camera. Obviously, everybody needs their privacy. I've been asked to defend myself because of it over and over, but to be honest, this is the woman I'm gonna marry. I don't think what happened was that out of line. The only thing that was out of line, was the fact that a random stranger felt the need to videotape us in such an intimate moment.”

“So, we shouldn't be expecting a sex tape anytime soon then?” Mo teased.

“No,” Justin let out a hearty laugh, “That's not something that we need to share with the world. They've already seen more than they should've.”

“How long have you actually been together? It seems like she just kind of showed up out of the blue one day.”

“We've been together awhile,” Justin spoke carefully, “We've only been engaged for about a month though. We're just gonna spend some time enjoying each other and our engagement before we decide to jump into the married waters.”

“And you met in a grocery store parking lot?”

“We did,” Justin nodded again, even though the radio listeners couldn't see him, “We literally ran into each other and then when our eyes met, I just knew she was special. I finally convinced her to give me her number and I asked her out to dinner that night. The rest is history. We've been together ever since.”

“That'll be a nice story to tell your kids someday,” Mo smirked, “Any plans for kids in the near future?”

“Not as of yet,” Justin blushed again, “We're hoping to spend some time enjoying each other and then get married before that happens, but you never know what the future holds.” Justin answered a few more questions and the interview came to an end. They shook hands of all the studio personnel and made their way out the door. Just as they were getting into the limo, a loud bang was heard as it echoed through the underground garage. Krystal met Justin's gaze as her eyes got wide and she collapsed. He quickly caught her in his arms and realized that she'd been shot. He quickly moved her into the limo and screamed at the driver to head towards the hospital.

Tears were streaming down his face as he stroked her face and held her in his lap, “Please, be okay, Baby. PLEASE! I can't live without you. I'm getting you to a hospital. Please just hang on.” She was unconscious, but he continued to speak to her anyway. His only concern at the moment was making sure that the love of his life was okay.

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