Just not human

*sex talk*
PG 18!!!!!
Very detailed.

Young girl lily experienced sex for the first time, once she gets some news and has her do's doesn't look like she'll get frisky again.


3. the bar

The bar tender hesitated to get my shots. He was staring at me. I looked around. Everyone was. It was quiet. "Go away you don't belong here!" I Hurd a man's voice yell. I than realized this was a country bar and I was dressed up are a rich snobby bitch, which I wasn't. I was a laid back girl who didn't have much. "Leave the beautiful lady alone" a deep secy voice desired my ear. I turned to see the bar tender leaning on the counter with three shots between us. " thank you but hes right" I went to stand up and leave. The man grabbed my hand and set it on the counter. "Please, if it makes you feel comfortable I think I may have come clothes that will fit you that a few one night stands left behind" he gustered me to a back room. I got up slowly with my head facing the floor feeling the glairs. Once I left into the back room the noise came back. 

He led me down the only hall. "Do you live around here?" He asked

"No just had a rough month, other than going to work this is my first night out of bed." I replied as my voice got lower each word.

"Oh. Well we got the finest beer here for a cheep cost so dont set a limit".

He walked me into a room. It was quit in there. " I love this bar!" Men sing. "Wish!" Girls chant. " It's my kinda place!" This time the bar tender sang along. I looked at him and bursted out laughing as I go threw the pile of clothes woman left behind. He smiled and pulled out a size 14 ripped pair of jeans and took one of his red plaid button up shirt and gave to me. The pants fit perfectly, but the shirt was way to big. He came over to me and got down on one knee. Pulled me by the baggy shirt. And unbutton a few an tied it up in a knot at the front. I turned and looked in the mirror. " good thing I got a flat stomach" I giggled. " and big hips and ass for 'em jeans" I turned to see him there looking at me head to toe. I look back at him With a bitchy look. He took a step back with his hands in the air and head facing the ground. I made my hair alittle messy and found cowgirl boots.

I walked out and sat at the bar no one looked at me except this ome girl. I guess I fit in now. I took my shots, plus many more. It all started to become a blur. I was dancing with people I never met before, drinking shot like water, and having the time of my life. Even the bartender was joining. The girl still had her eyes on me. I told the bartender about it. " don't worry she does that to all the girls just watch out for her". he said outing an arm around me. I laughed and moved his arm. "So before you try and soduce me into your bed and leave before I wake up tomorrow, what's your name?" He chuckled. " it wouldn't be my bed. It would be yours. And my names Jackson,but call me jacks how about you grace?? He guessed my name. I smiled, " not even close, I'm lily".


Not much later he had to go back behind the counter. The lady came up to me and started a conversation." Hey new girl. You don't belong here. After tonight no body should see you again. Understood. You don't belong here, so scram! And if I ever see you around my bar again watch what will happen" she said leaving over the table I my face hovering over my drink. I was to druck to card at this point. I took the shot and backed my head. Looked sat her and walked away,asshe sit there smiling. 


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