Just not human

*sex talk*
PG 18!!!!!
Very detailed.

Young girl lily experienced sex for the first time, once she gets some news and has her do's doesn't look like she'll get frisky again.


2. night 2

After work I went home expecting kalab. But noticed there was a message on the home phone. It was him saying he is working late because someone got stuck in a situation and can't pull their car out. I likstened to the message as I put down my purse, took off my shoes and jacket. I looked around , it was a mess. I quickly tiddied up and made my self a salad for dinner. Once I was done I made up a warm bath. I put bubbles and dimmed the lights and lite som sented candles. I got undress. The cold hit by both quick and I got goose bumps everywhere. Even my nipples are hard and stuck out. As I got into the warm tub and relaxed. Eventually I was ready to pass out with out having any pleasure tonight. I dried off and went into the bed naked and watched TV until I passed out. 

The rest of the week was the same as they day except kalab would come home a little earlier.

Two weeks passerby and kalab has advoided sleeping with me. It was off because many off his things where disappearing. I didn't feel good about my self sat all so I went over to mayas house. Mayas my best friend sine birth. 

Once I got there i let myself in as usual. She was wearing a very big sweaterthdst looked familiar, and then out came kalab. I looked at them raising my eyebrows. When I then realized what she was hiding. I lifted up her sweater and there she had a bump that would move around. Kalab didn't even reconzise that it was me there until Maya coughed saying "lily not the best time" i held back my tears as much as I could before one could even slip out I ran off. I didn't want to know why, since when, or anything I just wanted him completely out of my life. 

The next two weeks where painful. I never wanted to leave my bed. I still couldn't bsare the fact that my best friend took my boyfriend from me after all ibtolfd her about thinking he was the one . and she would sit there and lie to my face. I haven't seen any of them these few days. I kept thinking to my self. Ready to berst out in tears. It was hard with work and shopping for my self I never really had Amy time alome , so I haven't let my self go and cry. I was finally about to. I layer there sobbimg, eventually a tear slid down my face.

Before I could cry anymore the doorbell rang. I got up and three on my house coat. 

"Go away kalab." As I fightbback !y tears and to see it was him at the door. 

" it was just a one time thing I'm sorry I've don't even remember that night, I think I've was drunk, maybe even stoned." He made me feel sick to my stomach. 

"I don't want to hear, go live your-" I got cut off by the verge of throwing up. I couldn't hold it in .

I ran all the way upstairs and puked my brains out. It was horrible. Kalab ran to me and held strands of hair up. I pushed him off. Flushed the toilet and screamed st him always down the stairs until he was outside, I than slammed the front door shut and fell to the floor crying now. That night I had cried so much when I would cry there was no more tearstears. I felt so foolish. So heart broken. But I knew I was strong enough to pull threw this bullshit. I got up off the floor. Whipped my tesrs. I went upstairs and had a shower. Once I got out I changed into a nice black Matt strapless dress and put in my lace sleeve, it was like a normal shirt, but didnt have the body to it only the calor, chest, and sleeves. I walked over to my closet and put on 4 inch black heals. I painted my toe nails black to match. I dried my hair and curled the ends. I exchanged all the important things from my purse into my hand bag. I glsired over at my clock, 5:23pm. It was still very early. I got into my crappy run down car and drove to the nail salon. 

I got my nails done, black tip. When I was done I checked my phone, 6:02pm. I got back into my car and rove off to a fancy restaurant. I sat there for about 2 hours and had dinner.it was 8:37 when I was done. I drove round for another 2 hour. 

I got to this old run down bar that had bkired music you could hear from outside. I parked and when on in. Every guy looked at me like I was crazy. I didn't notice why. 

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