Just not human

*sex talk*
PG 18!!!!!
Very detailed.

Young girl lily experienced sex for the first time, once she gets some news and has her do's doesn't look like she'll get frisky again.


1. frisky as could be

I wake up in pain. Screaming, blood everywhere. He jumps up and calls 911 and try's to calm me down. This wasn't a normal labor, This wasn't a normal birth,this was never a normal pregnancy, this baby wasn't human.


[back 9months]


"Finally! The day I change from a child to a woman. I'm ready. Only 21 years old and still a virgin.... I'm ready! " I thought to my self as I locked my self in his bathroom and slipped into a a pink over dress with black lace. Under it I had a pink and black thong it was all see-threw and a pink bra with lace going down the nipple line with a bow. I put on y'all black heals and walked out and went onto his bed and crawled up his naked chest. I lingered my fingers threw out his body. And them grabbed this thing long blond hair and pushed his head back. We breathed heavily face to face mouths open. I moved my tongue on the edge of his teeth and then made out down his body and unbuttoned his pants and took everything off and started giving him head. Once his nits where about to burst I stopped. I just up and started to strip. I leaned over after a good ten minutes and kissed up his body and moaned a little in his ear. That set him off. He rolled me over onto my back and took off the rest of my clothing but kept the heels on.

Once I was bake he put his long hard boner into my wet tight virgin vagina and trusted. He went faster and faster,deeper and harder each time. We both kept getting more and more wet, eventually we both let go and had our muscles weaken out on us. I kept trusting as much as he could. "That was hot" I rolled onto his abs to see him all sweaty and sticky and so was I a little. "That was fun" I replied. I laid on him stomach as he played with my hair. Next thing I knew it was the next morning.


I got up and and had a shower. Buy the time I was done it was 11:00am and I had to work in  half hour. I got into my tight blue skinnys and wore a nude coloured woolen crop top sweater with a black tank top under. I rushed down stairs lookingbfor my purse, car keys, and my boots. 

It was pretty chilly outside, the leaves had been changing colors and falling and the air had a pumkin spice smell in the air. 

While I ran to my car in a hurry I threw my long drown hair into s messy bun. I started my Car and went threw the McDonald drive threw.

MCD "welcome to McDonalds how may I help you?"

Me: "hello, can I get a sausage hasbrowm wrap"

MCD: " as a meal?"

Me: " no thank you"

MCD: "OK that will be 6.32$"

I drove up got my breakfast and headed to work. Once I got to work the line up was out the door since our shop was beside the athletic club. I quickly got on my aprein and started working. " welcome to booster juice" I greeted many with. 

It was almost 3 when I went for my break. I made myself a peanut butter cup and banana. I had a five minute break so I ended up calling kalab.

*phone rings*

*picks up*

"Hey kalab"

"Hey babe I'm working on a customers car I'll call u later" he hung up.


I texted him asking about what he thought out my first time,but I knew he was to busy do I didn't expect an answer. But surely I got one. " again 2nite?? ;)". I smiled and got off break.

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