Harry styles is my father; Larry

Harry finds out while on tour, he has a 15-year-old daughter. How will Louis take to this? Will this bring the band?


2. chapter two

Previously is chapt 1:

"Andrew can I have a words with you"


Andrews POV-

"Um yeah sure, Alexis....wait here" I sighed and walked towards the doctor "okay so what's up?"

The doctor looked up at me, he seemed finicky and a little skewed... "Umm I need more information on Alexis, like does she have any other guardians because things aren't looking too good for her mother and we need to start looking into our housing options for her because she can't just stay here forever" he said looking down at his shoes which had a blue hair net looking thing on them.

"Okay I'll talk to her, but I can't stay long because its my job to respond to people in life or death emergency situations, we got Alexis' mother her and I've gotta head back to the station so I can respond to their calls"

"Okay you're free to go, but on your way out can you tell the front desk to call social service on your way out?" He said at he began walking back to emergency OP

"Hey Alexis I gotta go, but they're gonna get someone her for you to talk to. Okay?" I said walking towards her pulling her into a hug.

"Okay" she stared blankly at me...

20 minutes later//

?? POV ??

"Hello Miss Styles, my name is Olivia Walker. I work for San Diego social services and-" "Stop" I cut her off abruptly. "What do you mean you work for social services...my mom Is fine right??"

"Please tell me she's okay" I backing against a wall slowly sliding down to the hard hospital floor then pulling my knees to my chest quietly sobbing to myself..

"I'm sorry to inform you ma'm but your mom did not survive, the time of death was 9:57 p.m." I took that cold information like a gunshot to the chest.. I just cried and cried until I ran out of breath

"Miss i need to know if you have any other guardians such as a father, aunt, uncle, etc."

" I n-never met m-my dad, and my mom w-was and only child" I said in between sobs.

"Okay well I need you to come with me, you can't stay here so you'll be taken to foster care until we can get a legal adult to sign for custody" she seemed unfazed by any of the past events. She was cold and strict which only made things worse.

"I will drive you by your home for you to gather some close, books, and personal belongings... Please limit it to approximately two suit cases" she said with her lips forming a straight line. "Okay" I said quietly

About 30 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was now in my drive way probably for the last time. Walking up to my front door my heart started pounding for some reason.... I barely touched the door and it swung open. The EMT's had broken the door way to get in my house only hours ago so it was still broken. When I walked in my heart sunk but I continued up the stairs to my closet and got 2 purple suitcases, one slightly bigger than the other.

I got all my band shirts, jeans, a couple jackets/sweatshirts , some fuzzy pajama pants, a couple of over sized tee shirts and undergarments and put it in the big bag. I also put in 4 pairs of vans, one pair of converse and some flip flops. "There one suitcase packed" I sighed to my self.

"Now the second one" I gently walked into my moms room, opened her drawers and took out 3 sweat shirts,a couple of tee shirts, and a couple pairs of her pajama pants. Then I walked into the bathroom and looked around. Pills still scattered everywhere. I frowned to my self knowing that I'm the reason that those pills are everywhere, I'm the reason she's gone I'm- "SHUT UP" I yelled out loud talking to the voices that were constantly screaming negativity at me every waking moment.

I shoved the thoughts aside and continued what I was doing. I turned around to her bathroom counter and grabbed the necklace she always wore. Then I dropped to my knees and opened her cabinet. I reached in the very back and grabbed her jewelry box. I stared at them as my eyes watered. I put it in the pile of things I collected and began walking to my room. On my way out I grabbed 2 photo albums off my moms dresser and then walked too my room and shoved everything into the smaller suit case and then gathered a few random things from my room. Band posters, magazines, jewelry, perfume, lotion, headphones, my I pod sense the foster home probably wouldn't pay for me to have an I phone, I grabbed a few pictures o me and my friends and shoved it into the suit case.

"There...now I go back the the lady's car and she takes me away forever" I said to my self.

"What am I gonna do now" I sighed with a tear escaping my eyes.

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