Harry styles is my father; Larry

Harry finds out while on tour, he has a 15-year-old daughter. How will Louis take to this? Will this bring the band?


3. chapter three

Alexis' POV:

I walked out front door, down to the lady's car. I threw my stuff in the trunk (except for my phone and earbuds) and climbed in the backseat.

?? POV???

"Alexis I'm going to drop you off with a temporary foster family"she said with a dim emotion. "we're doing everything we can to contact your biological father to see if he is willing to take custody of you"

"He won't want me, my mom told me that she told him that I was another man's baby because she knew that he would hate her for getting pregnant with him and would leave her" I felt pain talking about my mother.

"Well by law that's what we have to do so..." She tapered off

"How far away is the foster home?"

"It's about five more minutes down the road, you're lucky it's close so you don't have to ride in the car for long" I didn't respond to her. How in any way shape or form is this lucky, like seriously I just lost my fucking mother..

We sat in silence for the rest of the ride. "Were here" she said pulling up to a medium size house on a hill. there was a blue and green swingset in the front yard with two five-year-old looking girls running around it. They seemed happy... that's a good sign right?

"Okay Alexis, you'll be here until further notice" she said motioning with her head towards the house. We both quietly walked up to the front doorstep.

"I got another one for you Carrie" she said and rolled her eyes.

"Heyyyy you must be Alexis?" She said with a warm smile. "yeah that's me" I said smiling back at her. "Why don't you head on upstairs, some of the other girls are up there they will tell you where to go"

"O-okay" I said awkwardly as I walked past her and the lady that had brought me here.

I walked slowly up the stairs and turned towards the blaring pop music. "That must be the girl she was talking about" I whispered to myself And rolled my eyes

I very gently opened the door "hi um- Im Alexis... I'm new here and-"

"Omgee hiiiii your the new girl yayy I'm so exited!!!" The girl was beaming at my appearance. "sorry haha I'm Ray" she said with an embarrassed smile "i'm just really excited there's a new girl"

"I uhh I- nice to meet you" I smiled back at her "Umm- do you know where I go?" I questioned

"Yeah, follow me" she said skipping out the door. She turned down a long darkish hallway and stopped at a door on the very end. She knocked on the door five times like in the movie frozen.

"Uhgg What do you want Ray?" and aggravated teenage girls voice groaned through the door

"Your new roommate is here.." she said in a bubbly tone

"Oh hi" a tallish girl with blue hair opened the door "shirt" she said looking down at me "o-oh thanks" I mumbled smiling "come on in you sleep right here" she motioned towards a full size single bed with a black and white comforter. "I'll see you later Alexis" Ray said closing the door

"My name is jenn" she said fumbling with the zipper on her jacket "I'm Alexis" I said, wait..that was stupid, she probably already knew my name...why are you so stupid..

"Anyway, your music taste is amazing" the way she was talking I could tell she was a bit shy

"Thanks, I really love one direction I don't know why but I feel like I have a really strong connection to them." I was really exited that I was sharing a room with shuch a nice person

"My last name is actually Styles haha" "Seriously?!?! That's so cool!! I wish I had that last name like that"

"Yeah I actually really love my last name, it's like I'm Harry's wife hahahah" my last name is actually one of the few things I like about myself.

I continued rambling on to Jenn while unpacking. I taped my posters on the wall behind my bed and then grabbed a pair of my moms old pajama pants and a sweat shirt.

"Hey jenn Umm where's the bathroom" I'm so freaking awkward ugh "it's next to Rays room, follow me" we walked down the cold hallway and then stopped at the door and I walked in. As I was changing clothes i felt tears building up in my eyes. Today was terrible. I walked out of the bathroom down towards my room and knocked on the door. "Come in" jenn said while yawning.

"Oh my god Alexis are you okay" she looked so concerned

"Yeah I'm just tired" I said wiping under my eyes, crawling into my bed.. "It's been a really long day plus it's almost 2am so I'm gonna go to sleep"

"Okay well I'm always here for you if you need to talk" she was really nice. I'm glad she's my roommate.

"Thanks Jenn" I grabbed my iPod, earbuds and covered my head with the blanket and dozed off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to Carrie gently shaking me. "Alexis, honey they contacted your biological father and he said that he would take you if you're okay with it"

"OH MY GOD that's great" I yelled waking up Jenn. She sat up groaned and then went back to sleep.

"Pack your stuff, social service will be here in about an hour and a half" she smiled and walked out of the room


Okay I'm sorry but I promise that Harry will be in the next chapter. I'm really tired and it's like 2 AM where I live so.... I'm going to go to bed.

<3 stay strong love

I'll update soon~~~~

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