Harry styles is my father; Larry

Harry finds out while on tour, he has a 15-year-old daughter. How will Louis take to this? Will this bring the band?


4. chapter four

Previously -

"Pack your stuff social services will be here and an hour and a half"


Harry's POV:

I yawned deeply and I climbed out of my bunk on the tour bus and swing my feet to the floor.

I grabbed a white pocket tee shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans and headed to the bathroom to change.

After I had finished changing my clothes I headed to the mini kitchen and got a bottle of water and a granola bar and sat on the couch.

As I was eating I flipped on the tv and the blind side came on "yep that'll do" and then my phone rang... "hello this is social services in Redditch London, is this Harry Edward styles?"

"Yes that's me..." I said in a confused tone

"According to our source your are unaware of recent events.. Let me inform you"

"Okay " I said nervously

"Do you know of anyone by the name of Lilliana Brock ?"

"Yeah, she was a girl I dated in high school, why do you ask ?"

"I'm sorry to inform you but she passed away yesterday evening due to an overdose of prescription drugs"

"that's awful I'm so sorry to hear but," I paused nervously "not to be harsh but why would you contact me, we broke up several years ago"

"Sir are you aware that you have a 15 year old daughter by the name of Alexis Styles ?"

"No...that's not possible, Lilliana told me that it wasn't my child, that's why she broke up with me" my heart was racing a mile a minute

"Sir we ran her in the system, it says on the birth certificate that she's yours, we can run DNA tests if you would like confirmation"

"Y-yeah...okay..uhmm" I mumbled

A million things were racing through my mind.

No way, this isn't possible. If it' is true I'd feel so bad...missing 15 years of my daughters life. I bet she hates me. No this isn't possible.

Then it hit me..

Several years ago there was a senior party at my friend Alex's house...everyone was drunk and I honestly don't remember most of it. I woke up on the living room floor next to Lilly but I didn't really think twice about it but, I guess it was possible.

"Mr. Styles,are you still there" I hear, snapping my out of my deep thought

"Uh- yeah, I'm just a bit shocked I guess"

"Can you make it to the social service building in San Redditch tonight?"

"Sorry, no I'm in liver pool but, I can make by it tomorrow"

"Okay be here by 9 AM tomorrow for DNA testing and processing?"


"Okay, see you then"

We both hung up

I just sat there chin dropped. I have a daughter. I have a daughter? "I have a daughter!"

Louis walked in. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I have a daughter..." I tapered off

"I HEARD YOU! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!? Harry I thought you were more mature than to do this. WHILE WERE ON TOUR!"

"How long have you known? Taylor had to have told you before now"

"It's not hers" I said looking down

"Harry....." Louis said in a low tone

"How could you be so stupid"

"She's 15... She's Lilly's" I said looking up at a sad Louis

"Who is she and how long have you been seeing eachother" Louid said sounding hurt.

"This has to be a mistake" he said assuring me

"Social services called me.. Lilly passed away yesterday, they ran Alexis' records and sure enough she's mine" I said fidgeting with the granola bar wrapper

"But how" Louis said still extremely upset

"It was my junior year at my friend Alex's house when Lilly and I were dating"

"Yeah...." He said looking down

"everyone was drinking and I don't really remember most of it. I woke up on the living room floor next to her but I didn't really think twice about it but, I guess it was possible... I don't really remember what happened that night though"

"Well we have a show tonight, should we cancel" Niall said seeming a bit shocked as well

"OH MY GOD NIALL HOW MUCH DID YOU HEAR?" My heart was in my throat

"All of it" he sighed

"We're gonna have to cancel, I hate it but we need to get to the Liver pool air port and catch the first flight back to London.." I need to be at the social service office by tomorrow.

"Okay well we need to get moving then" Niall said with an accepting tone

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I probably won't update tomorrow because I'm going to a concert (not one direction)

I love you guys <3 stay strong


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