Harry styles is my father; Larry

Harry finds out while on tour, he has a 15-year-old daughter. How will Louis take to this? Will this bring the band?


5. chapter five


1D POV: " we have to cancel cancel tonight's show" Harry said

"What why" Liam asked

"it's a really long story but it turns out I have a a child and I need to get to london" Harry breathed

"Haha funny joke" Liam laughed

"Now cut the bull shit"

"No I'm serious, I'll explain later"

Liam was confused but he listened

we told management and the crew the situation. The bus driver would take us to Liverpool airport.

An hour later-------

"Everything ready?" Harry asked shaking

"Yep" "uh-hu" "yessss" they were chanting in excitement

We climbed off the tour bus and started walking towards the airport. Once we made it in we went over to the ticket machine and got 4 tickets to the London airport. The tickets read London gate 327, flight 4221 first class

"Alright we've got about an hour untill the flight leaves so we need to hurry and make it through security" Niall said with a straight face

"Come on" louis said motioning with his head towards security

Once we made it through we had to get to gate 327B as quickly as possible.

"324, 325, 326, there it is 327B" Louis mumbled increasing his speed

"First class you may now board the air craft" the flight attendant yelled through the speaker

We gathered our stuff and boarded the plane.

"Oh my god I have a daughter" Harry said with a single tears

"She probably hates me, how could I not know? I'm so stupid"


Alexis' POV:

"Okay are you all packed Alexis?" Carrie said with a smile

"Yeah, just waiting on the social service lady to take me away" I said back at her. Just then the social service lady arrived as if she was on cue.

I shook Jenn awake and told her I would be leaving. "That's great!!" She said with a bit of sadness. She gave me her email address so we could still iMessage and stay in touch because she currently couldn't have a cell phone because of her current housing

"Bye" I whispered backing towards the door

"Oh one more thing.." Jenn said looking down

She got up off her bed and walked towards me. She grabbed my jacket and pushed my sleeve up which caused me to flinch and jerk away. "Please" she said looking at me with pain filled eyes. She grabbed my hand and pushed up my sleeve once again. "Please try to stop, I know it's hard but you can do it." She said pulling me into a hug. A single tear fell from my eyes. "Stay strong love" she said turning around walking back to her bed

"Thanks" I said filled with confusion. How did she know.

I walked down the stairs to meet the lady. "Alexis why don't you go ahead down to the car" she said with a blank face "okay" I replied with a smile

45 mins later------

I sat in the woman's office twirling my hair. I was about to meet my father. I pulled my sleeves over my hand out of nervousness. I wearing a black tree shirt, my bleach washed skinny jeans and a black fleece jacket.

"All Right right in here and we can begin" a woman's kind voice said out side the door slowly opening it. This was about to change my entire life. That's when I hear a familiar voice. "Okay I can't wait" the man said slowly walking in the room with his head down. He doesn't notice I'm in here yet. Oh my god this can't be real. The man is...

"Oh my god" I said in a whispery crying voice causing him to look up. I sunk back into the chair. That was fucking Harry styles.

"Are you Alexis" he said smiling

I nodded my head crying hysterically. I jumped up and and stood in front of him. "Can I h-have a hug" I choked out. "Yes of corse, you don't have to ask permission."

He threw his arms around me and I just sobbed into his chest

"Why are you crying" he said with fear in his face "please don't hate me, I'm so sorry that I missed so much of your life" he said looking down

"No no no I would never hate you I'm just shocked. I can't believe my father is..you"

"Oh I see" he said rubbing my back with his hand.

"Oh you two have already gotten to know each other a bit" a woman said entering the room

"Sorry I'm late" she said walking over to her chair

"No it's okay" my father said politely still holding me. I can't believe Harry styles was holding me.

"Okay if you two would have a seat please" she said patiently

We sat down on the couch together, my head resting on his shoulder.

She pulled out two alcohol wipes as a nurse walked in with two small trays contains fancy medical supplies.

I moved closer to Harry,out of fear ,and he held me tightly to comfort me. "It's okay I promise it won't be that bad, their just doing a few DNA tests so I can take you with me" he said rubbing my back with his hand again.

The nurse took hid hand cleaned it with the alcohol wipe and then took the small needle causing it to make a clicking noise and draw blood. He continued to smile and comfort me. Next they did the same to me and I flinched a the quick pinch.

"Okay I'll be back in a few minutes to go run the tests" the nurse and the other woman stood up and left

"I love you so much, I'm so sorry I missed so much of your life" Harry said tearing up

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ short chapter :/ sry

I've been pretty busy lately..


I love you all so much <3 stay strong

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