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After being followed home by a strange man, nineteen-year-old Aubrey Leanne accidentally bumps into Harry Styles. Harry quickly takes an interest in her, but little does he know that she has secrets... And a dangerous past that follows her wherever she goes. The drama had slowed down for a few years, but as soon as Aubrey steps into a life with Harry, everything goes into full bloom again. Indifferent © happyharryblogger / ivy xx No translations or reposts All Rights Reserved 2015 - Present Warning: THIS BOOK CONSISTS OF ABUSIVE AND/OR SEXUAL SITUATIONS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALSO CONTAINS THEMES OF SELF HARM AND/OR DEPRESSION.


1. Prologue

I slam the door shut and sink down against the wall, throwing my head into my hands. My body shakes with fear and tears begin to pool in my eyes. One by one, they drop faster down my face, until I notice something. The tears aren't normal, salty drops... they're warm, thick red splotches. And they're dragging down my face in long blurred lines.

That's when I look in the mirror above me. All I can think is that someone, something else's appearance is in the reflection before me. But, it isn't someone else. Not exactly. It isn't me, but it isn't not me. And I, no, she, has two small slits in the dark bags of her eyes. My eyes.

I can't bear to look in the mirror anymore; he was still coming whether or not it was truly me. He, being the one who possessed almost all power over me. He possessed so much power over everything around him, and he always left a path of destruction in his wake. In that sense, he was comparable to a tsunami. But this time, he would leave me in his wake. And it wouldn't be pretty.

I sink down further against the cold walls and pull my phone out of my pocket. Quickly, I hit the speed dial button and wait for the call to go through.




"Harry?" I cover my mouth as a sob escapes, not wanting him to hear me cry. "Harry, I love you-" My voice cracks and cover my mouth with my hand again to stop myself from talking.

His thick accent rings through the speakers as he starts to speak. "Hey, I love you too." Harry doesn't suspect anything. That is, until I hear a sharp intake of breath and his breathing increases. "Aubrey- Stop, don't hang up on me. Aubrey. Aubrey! I-" I quickly end the call and stand up to once again look at myself in the mirror.

The woman was still there. I don't care, really. Not anymore. I grab a piece of toilet paper and wipe the blood from underneath my eyes, before tossing it into the stainless steel garbage pail beside the toilet.

Deep breath in,

Deep breath out. 

I fix my hair, put a smile on, and bravely walk out the washroom like nothing ever happened.

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