Q's gift

A story of a Trekkie going aboard the Enterprise thanks to Q. Started: 8.13.2015. Completed: 8.13.2015 at 8:09 PM. Fandom- Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1 of 2.


6. Where

There were more Romulan's making their way into the ship and I feel uneasy.

"If my father was here, they would be fleeing!" Alexander said.

The fish boy is silent sitting in a chair.

"But he is not here," I said. "No one is."

"Are you responsible for my father's disappearance?" Alexander asks, his eyes darting towards me.

"No," I said.

One day left.

I am not leaving these guys without hope they will get out of this.

"My father and most of the officers aboard wouldn't just leave like that!" Alexander said. "You may look Klingon and have emotion chip; but you certainly do not have the gut to tell if this Q alphabetical character is part of this conspiracy!"

"THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY!" I shout, raising my voice deepening it. "AND HE'S NOT A ALPHABETICAL CHARACTER!"

The fish boy fell out of his seat.

"Oh really?" Alexander said. "I can't seem to trust you. This 'Q' has done a lot of things you wouldn't be proud of."

"You are right," I said, with a growl. "But he gets the point across really well," A vent from the cieling fell. "Oh, look, over there!"

Alexander looks up to the cieling seeing a hole.

"Oh," Alexander said. "I am going!"

"You are so not crawling with that arm," I said.

"Then who is going?" Alexander asks, not kindly in a way.

"The fish boy," I said.

"No,no,no!" The fish boy said. "Not me!"

"Yes you!" I said.

"You go!" The fish boy said. "Someone needs to keep an eye out for little ol' Alex."

I sigh.

"I am an Android," I said. "I am not small as you are, and plus, I have some rigid skin surfaces."

The fish boy sighs, sulking his shoulders.

"Right, you are designed as a Klingon," The fish boy said.

"And that means you get to be our gate way to which ever part of the ship is not occupied by Romulans," I said.

So I acted as a ladder for the fish boy. The fish boy climbs up into the vent leaving me to Alexander. Thankfully I didn't feel pain from his boots stepping on my shoulders because otherwise it woulda' been really harmful for a cowardly human. I sulk down into the chair listening for any sounds from the vent above. Not a peep is heard but without a doubt the fish boy makes his way on a unsure path.

"You are so calm for a first timer," Alexander said.

"I have written scenarios like this," I said. "At least a couple times and watched scenes like it, too. Your friend is our only hope."

A flash of light appears on Alexander's table.

"Ah!" Alexander cries. "My eyes!"

The light fades and there lay one of those comn pins on the table. Alexander puts it on to his shirt and taps on it.

"Alexander to Worf," Alexander said. "Do you read me?"

There is a fuzzy sound.

"Alex, where are you?" Came Worf's voice.

"Uh, aboard the enterprise," Alexander said.

"But that is not possible," Worf said. "We're on the same ship and the threat is gone."

My eyes widen.

"That is strange," Alexander said, eying at me. "We're in the cafeteria."

"Check the Cafeteria!" Worf shouts an order to someone. "Stay there."

"But---" Alexander starts but is cut off.

"No buts," Worf said. "Stay there!"

Alexander looks over to me.

"What?" Alexander asks.

"I think I know why we are not in the same location," I said. "The threat hasn't left. Only the crew. Everyone is aboard the enterprise that takes hours or minutes afar this time and the ship has left."

"We can't be in the past," Alexander said.

"It is possible," I said. "But not impossible."

"Alexander, you are not there," Worf said. "Where are you?"

"I..I don't know," Alexander said, now sounding a little scared.

"Yes, we do," I said.

"I-B, we are not in the past," Alexander said. "That is a rather...unfounded conclusion."

"Alexander!" Worf's voice came over the pin. "We..." His words are fuzzy and muffled at best sounding like a awful radio. "Find....you. Who...you....with?"

"I-B," Alexander said. "Fish Boy went up the vent."

"Worf out," Worf said.

"Great, right when we are in the middle of a Romulan attack," Alexander said.

Someone smacks their body weight against the door making a big crunchy sound. Alexander takes off the pin then puts it into his pocket and stands up taking out his phaser only to make a 'ow' squeak. I had to give him the Gibb slap at the back of the head.

"Hey!" Alexander said. "What was that for?"

"Not using your other arm," I said. "Knocks some sense into you."

Alexander frowns, putting the phaser into his other hand.

I look forwards to see some Romulans breaking the door using a table. Jeeze! I didn't know they were that strong! Well, they are a relative of Vulcans after all. There are more Romulans by now alongside the table. Alexander, probably feeling irritated at the Romulans, shot through the glass door hitting one of the Romulans at the face. I rip off a table top using it as a shield. The door is broken open by one mighty slam making the metal dent inwards.

"Don't move if you want to live," The first Romulan said.

"We are going to option otherwise!" Alexander said.

Bump,bump, bump went the sound of knees in the vent.


The fish boy fell out of the wall landing in the dead set of the middle.

...Damn it.

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