Q's gift

A story of a Trekkie going aboard the Enterprise thanks to Q. Started: 8.13.2015. Completed: 8.13.2015 at 8:09 PM. Fandom- Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1 of 2.


2. Star Trek TNG

My world at first is darkness replacing the lively nature full scenery where I cannot smell. The scene begins to clear way revealing a different scenery before me different from the one I had been in prior. Voices came clear to my ears at first high pitch but with some adjustments made by my processor they became equal sounding and tolerable.

"Captain, meet I-B," Came Data's voice.

There I blink seeing Doctor Crusher, Worf,Data, and Captain Picard.

"Hello," Captain Picard said.

"Nice to meet you," I said.

"Data, her voice is still on Klingon," Worf said.

Data came over with a datapad in his hands then presses a few buttons.

"I believe she'll be speaking English now, Captain," Data said.

I look down to myhands to see they are brown.

"Ooh," I said. "This is cool..and unexpected."

Doctor Crusher scans as Data looks at me strangely.

"You act as though you are not new to this world," Data said.

"Well, technically I am," I said.

"Explain," Data requests

"I am a Trekkie!" I said, cheerfully.

Data is baffled.

"What is a Trekkie?" Data asks.

"I do not detect anything strange from her," Doctor Crusher said

"It is an honor to meet you, Mrs Crusher," I said, holding my hand out.

"Data, did you program her to know everyone?" Captain Picard asks as I shook hands with Doctor Crusher.

"No, I did not," Data said.

"Hai, it is an honor to meet you too, Mr Worf!" I said. "I can't believe I am on the Enterprise! This is epic!"

They were staring at me strangely so I had to explain my story to them and how they are fictional. Oh great, well at least I know nothing about the future if it takes place after 'All good things'. I sigh calming myself down then explain to them. Captain Picard had a doubtful look until I mentioned Q. Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher share a look that might be skepticism but I cannot tell.

Safe to say there is some doubt around me.

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