Q's gift

A story of a Trekkie going aboard the Enterprise thanks to Q. Started: 8.13.2015. Completed: 8.13.2015 at 8:09 PM. Fandom- Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1 of 2.


9. Retrieve

...Aboard the Enterprise...

"Captain, I found the opening," Data said. "But it seems something is coming out."

"What kind of 'thing' is coming out?" Picard asks.

Data is looking down to the screen.

"My readings indicate one passenger ship," Data said.

"Beam the craft aboard," Picard said.

"Sir, we may I see who is in the passenger ship?" Worf asks.

"Yes," Picard said.

Our perspective flies to five minutes later in the loading dock section. Alexander is out of the space craft holding a bracelet that belonged to the fish boy. Worf came into the room where the doors whoosh shut behind him, There he saw only Alexander looking down upon the bracelet in his hand. He knew that bracelet well. Alexander had made it for the fish boy when he was a child with some help of Worf.

Worf approaches Alexander.

"Are you okay?" Worf asks. "'How did you escape?"

"I am fine, Dad," Alexander said. "You won't believe it. She insulted me and then I broke out of the cell, after that she told me to run..." He looks back down towards the bracelet. "Fish boy was killed two hours ago by the Romulans when they called the Enterprise."

"Two hours ago?" Worf asks.

Alexander lifts his head up towards Worf.

"Yes," Alexander said.

"But that was only 10 minutes ago," Worf said. "Alexander, you were in a Alternate Universe."

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