Q's gift

A story of a Trekkie going aboard the Enterprise thanks to Q. Started: 8.13.2015. Completed: 8.13.2015 at 8:09 PM. Fandom- Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1 of 2.


7. Captured

"Sir, we are being hailed," Worf said.

"Put them on screen," Picard said.

The screen switches to a empty chair.

"Uh..." Riker said. "I don't see anyone."

"Hello?" Picard asks. "Who is there?"

Worf squint's at the image.

"If I wasn't able to see what ship is this is from," Worf said. "I'll say this is a Romulan ship."

Picard turns towards Worf.

"Did you make contact with your son?" Picard asks.

"Yes," Worf said. "I have."

"Where is he?" Picard asks.

"He is with I-B and the fish boy," Worf said. "They claim to be on the ship but there is no readings of them onboard."

"How strange," Picard said, turning towards the screen. "One thing after another become more...different."

It puzzled Picard what in the world is going on.

"Captain," Data said. "Maybe they are here."

"But we don't see them," Worf said.

"Exactly," Data said. "They are in a unique kind of bubble where to them time is going different and to us time is going fine. We can't see each other."

Picard contemplates.

"So that was the Romulans?" Picard asks.

"I assume they were," Data said. "And if this bubble has a expiration date that is set to go; we don't know how long they have."

"My son is trapped in a bubble?" Worf said, in rage.

"A Alternate Universe," Data said. "But yes: he is trapped in a bubble along with his friends."

"So, if we are correct," Picard said."There is only one solution."

"They have my son," Worf said.

"And my daughter, too," Data adds.

"Worf, notify the fish boy's parents," Picard said. "We have to figure out where this bubble begins and ends."

"Will do," Worf said.

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