Q's gift

A story of a Trekkie going aboard the Enterprise thanks to Q. Started: 8.13.2015. Completed: 8.13.2015 at 8:09 PM. Fandom- Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 1 of 2.


3. 3 days later

...Three days later...

..Aboard the enterprise...

Being the oddball of the bunch is not so fun. Especially when I can't eat my favorite food anymore though the pro side of it is being able to learn about another culture through Worf; the Klingons. Turns out they are very strict on honor and have unique ways to clear the mind pf it's current emotion. For example; the one time he shattered the glass because of the feelings he felt for his father's possible survival.

"So what is your world like?" Worf asks.

I look up from the glass.

"Boring," I said.

"Boring?" Worf asks.

"Yes, boring,"I repeat. "I write fanfiction in my time and I delight people with it."

"Well, I've learned when you are writing; you are embarking on a different adventure," Worf said as I take a sip. "However absurd they are."

I laugh.

"Yeah," I said, lowering the glass. "Most of my stories are crazy to the touch."

"Give me an example," Worf said.

"Are you familiar to Terminators?" I ask.

"No," Worf said.

I stare at Worf for a moment or two.

"Cyborgs?" I ask.

Worf grew even more serious.

"Borgs, yes," Worf said.

"Cy-borgs," I repeat. "They can be human too, they learn and adjust to humanity blending into everyday."

"'What fascinates you about them?" Worf asks, more curious in me.

"Cyborgs, in my world, are often depicted as robots with polyalloy skeletons with artifical skin," I said. "They can develop feelings and become parental figures."

"So you see them as humans," Worf said.

"Except they can't sleep or eat," I said. "Like Androids. But different."

"I am surprised you chose to be a Android over becoming a Cyborg," Worf said.

I shrug.

"I find it more interesting to be something that people never think about," I said. "Cyborgs and Androids can learn human values. Your culture, for example, is probably one of the most interesting fictional ones in history. Heck even Sheldon started to say something in Klingon during Bernadette's wedding."

"Sheldon?" Worf said.

"He is from The Big Bang theory," I said. "Fictional as well."

"Sounds like he is a fan of the Klingons," Worf said.

"Yeah, that he is," I said, with a little laugh. "Huge Trekkie for learning your language."

"So, what is your real name?" Worf asks.

I smile.

"You know," I said. "I am leaving in two days in some way I don't know. For now, in this world, I am only I-B. Unique to the entire world you may say and I'll like to leave this world just as that."

I also didn't want to leave people in tears when I go. I am not going to kill myself just to leave; there has to be another way.I get up from the table then put the glass away and walk out of the room. I side ways skip to the spare quarters no one has ever taken because it is so called to be 'haunted'. Haunted my ass.

I land on the floor to my haunted quarters face first.

I get up hearing the doors close.

"Ah great," I said, dusting off my shirt. "You went too fast. Perhaps a bit slower."

The datapad from the table floats over to me.

That is creepy.

I take the datapad seeing a keyboard on a blank white screen highlighting my klingon facial features. I tap on the first letter walking right over to the table. I only left Worf because I didn't want him to press any further. I lean forwards towards the screen typing in a random story off the tips of my fingers.


"Hello," I said, in a mad frenzy of writing. "Who is it?"

"Geordi La Forge," Came a young man's voice.

I turn around in shock seeing the man with the visor.

"Uh...Uh..." I gawk. "Hi."

"I heard you were recently transported to this ship," La Forge said.

"Under the not brightest circumstances," I said.

La Forge came forwards.

"We have engine problems that cannot be explained," La Forge said. "Is Q part of this?"

"I dunno," I said. "I don't think he is. He is a trickster but not a man of engineering."

"We started having engine troubles after you were onlined," La Forge said. "I wanted to know before I jumped to any conclusions."

"I respect that," I said. "And it is a logical conclusion. Can't blame you for that."

"How am I in your world?" La Forge asks.

"You were in Reading Rainbow," I said. "I think that is one of the reasons I started writing and loved reading stories."

"That is quite interesting," La Forge said. "But I never been in Reading Rainbow."

"Your actor was," I said. "The last episode ended with him exploring the idea of cloning."

"You are quite interested in science," La Forge said.

"Science Fiction," I said.

"Yes," La Forge said. "'That is what I meant."

I raise a brow.

"Am I picking up that you want to ask me on something?" I ask.

La Forge has a quick laugh.

"No," La Forge said. "I am just curious about, in general,you."

"Aw shucks," I said. "I would class that as flirting but I am not the type to flirt back. My suggestion is, whatever problems are experiencing must be some kinda radiation or something that of a glitch to life support."

"I didn't consider that," La Forge said. "I needed to hear that."

La Forge turns away then leaves the room.

I didn't even know what I was talkin about.

Perhaps it computed well for La Forge.

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