Book 1: Drowned

I died that day. Well I should have died. But I'm alive. Something happened on that day that I don't remember. My friends and family keep pestering me to tell them what happened, but in real truth, I really don't know what. I don't know what to say to them. Not anymore anyways.


2. Chapter two

Chapter two

"Did you hear that woman?"
mom was blowing off steam
as she drove us home. "Maybe
it's a good thing that he doesn't
remember." mom snorted as she
mimicked the voice of the nurse woman.

"Mom, calm down." Lucy tried to 
calm mom down. "Yes mom, you're
going to run us off the road." Alexei chirps in.
Mom snorts and kept her eyes on the road.
sank down in my seat. Lucy and Alexei were
in the back while I was in the 
front. Mom was at the wheel. 


"Don't worry Kei-chan, we'll get you to
remember." mom huffed.
"What if I don't want to remember?" I asked.
"Eh?" mom, Lucy, and Alexei 
looked at me puzzled. Than they started
to laugh. "Don'tr be silly!" mom  was laughing 
really hard that I thought that she would lose
control of the car.


"Of course you want to
remember." I blushed and sank deeper
into my seat. "you were nearly missing for a
more than a month. Of course you want to
remember what happened." mom's voice
grew dark. "Especially since you almost died." I peeped
and looked down. My flesh was steaming hot. 
I almost died? Maybe knowing the truth
won't hurt me at all. 

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